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I've been in practice in Singapore for 15 years, although I'm originally from the UK, where I gained my Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. In total, I have been in private practice for 22 years and currently have over 23,200 client hours of clinical experience. I am also a US Certifed Hypnotherapist, a Certified Anxiety Specialist, and an EFT (emotional freedom techniques) Level 3 Practitioner.


Today I use the combination of my training, skills and experience to treat a wide range of life-limiting issues and you can view many of those conditions here. However, my speciality is treating conditions such as Anxiety and Stress disorders, as well as the many forms of Depression. in some sense the fight or flight response, aka the stress response pervades much of our everyday experience of life and it most certainly intensifies any other mental, emotional or psychological conditions we may have. Therefore, it is essential that this aspect of therapy is fully explored if only to see how it may be limiting any progress that could be made without it or at least in a lessened state!

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has the ability to change the way memories express themselves, essentially, the expression of memories guides our feelings, thoughts and our behaviour, change that, and you have the potential to change everything! 

Hypnosis, A Sound Historical Base

Hypnotherapy in Singapore is a relatively new and somewhat obscure discipline when compared to better-known disciplines, like psychotherapy, CBT, counselling etc. However, globally, hypnotherapy is well established and highly respected! In fact, the British and American Medical Associations recognised Hypnotherapy as an effective methodology in the 1950s.
While Hypnosis is often stated as a deep state of relaxation, that is not actually the case. Deep relaxation is a collateral effect of Hypnosis, the same as it is with sleep but sleep also is more than relaxation. So, Hypnosis can better be understood as an altered state of sleep. To discover more about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, take a look here

The physical benefits of hypnosis include:
  • increased mental acuity
  • increased immune response
  • improved levels of calmness
  • an enhanced homeostatic state
Perhaps the most notable mental benefit is a calming sense of peace. Of course, this is an acquired mental state and the very reason why multiple sessions are recommended. A collateral benefit comes from the position that a better functioning brain, leads to a better functioning person, meaning, life has more meaning and purpose!

Other benefits include:
  • increased parasympathetic response
  • increased nervous system function
  • improved respiration, through training
  • maintaining a balanced metabolic/homeostatic state

Specialist Treatments

Nowadays we have more things to make life easy, some even say "we've never had it so good! If that were true, why is there so much more stress, anxiety and depression? The simple truth is, these conditions are the scourge of modern life and people are rarely aware it's happening to them, let alone how to treat it!

That's why I developed Trans4mational Therapy, a Multi-Modality Method of Treatment that is especially effective in treating these modern life-limiting conditions. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have been helping people for 21 years to discover effective solutions in how to live their lives in a better way. To find out more, why not book a Free Consultation?

Hypnotherapy, Effective For Many Conditions
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