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Hypno-Coaching Powerful and Efficient

Thom Bush is the right coach; to get you on target!
Professional sportspeople have for many years used a personal coach to get them ahead of their game. But their Coach always worked on more than just their physical skills! Irrespective of the sport in question; they work equally, if not more so, on the mind or mental skill set of the person. In competitive sports, where the difference between success and 2nd place is measured in hundredths or thousands of seconds, you need to be ahead of the rest. However, even more so, you also need to be ahead of yourself!

Just like the sportsperson, we too need to be able to focus on what is important and then do it! Hypno-Coaching gives us that ability and often very quickly, Get your own personal Hypno-Coach NOW!
is a powerful way to get your life where you want it to be. It uses the same Principles as personal Coaching, the major difference is that it Coaches both the Conscious and Subconscious aspects of our brain. Hypno-Coaching is mostly a Face 2 Face process, however, it can also be conducted by IT devices, e.g. Skype, albeit under certain conditions and with certain clients.
Coaching has taken the world by storm:

Many of the world's top leaders and executives have made tremendous leaps forward in their personal lives and careers; you can too!

Coaching works:
A coach holds you accountable for reaching your stated objectives. It is your desire to own the life you want and my experience over many years, that make this winning combination that eventually leads to your success. Although it must be stressed, coaching is not a replacement for therapy. As such it will not specifically deal with some of the deeper emotional or psychological issues that blight people's ability to reach even the most ordinary of life's goals. And if you have any of these deeper issues, they can reduce or negate the value and efficacy of any type of Coaching. Deep-seated emotional issues are best addressed by other methods, e.g. hypnotherapy, psychotherapy/counselling, i.e. if you want to get the best out of your coaching experience.



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