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Building A Solid Foundation For Therapy

A Relationship Built on Trust and Integrity!

For some people, the idea of opening up about the deepest and most private parts of their personal life is anathema. However, for others, it provides a source of great relief, it's often as if a great burden has been lifted off of their shoulders. Because of that, it is not uncommon for a client to say, "I have never told anyone this before." Someone revealing such deeply held secrets is encouraging because therapy can more effectively deal with known issues but it's also a sign of trust in the therapeutic relationship. It is for that reason that all Governing Bodies, and therapists, hold the confidentiality of each client's personal information inviolate! This trust is both necessary and essential to embolden the Client - Therapist relationship! It is also a necessary and important component of the mental and emotional healing that takes place.

Even though therapy is a collaboration between the client and therapist, the primary place where therapy's effect occurs, is in the brain/mind of the client. While the client no doubt does the necessary mental and emotional processing of the work that is done, the therapist, nevertheless, plays an important role. That role is the facilitation of the therapeutic process, as well as that of becoming a life mentor. Consequentially the relationship that develops between the client and therapist must be one that engenders hope and belief toward achieving the client's goals for therapy.

Trust, therefore, is the most important factor in any effective relationship, without it there is always doubt and where doubt abounds, conflict is never far away. Perhaps the most pervasive type of conflict we can ever experience; is conflict from within! Because of the importance of building trust, I aim to assist clients to find and then tap into the pool of inner resources that lies within us all. And from within that pool; they find their own inner peace! Therefore, the free consultation allows each client to make the choice of whether I am the right person to help them reach their therapeutic goal! And that is the reason why the free consultation is also free of any obligation! Making therapy accessible and reasonably affordable is part of my philosophy and core values. And it is because of that, that you can confidently make your free appointment today?

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