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My Ethics Matter!

The essence of everything necessary in life initially stems from morality! Morality evolves out of us following a certain pattern of prohibition. There are many bad things you shouldn't do and then, if you can adhere to that pathway, you are good enough! This is how we start with raising children, we place a series of prohibitions on their behaviours. If those errant behaviours were to manifest, it would make their life miserable! As an adult, we have to understand how we got from where we started, to where we are right now! Then, we have to understand in what ways we contributed to where we now find ourselves. Just look around you, look in your direct sphere of influence, and look at the things that you can fix. Then start to fix the things that need repair but start small and build up from there. But where to start? Well, start in the places where you spend a lot of your time. For example, your home or perhaps the part you control, e.g. your room or the office desk, then work towards tidying up your mind. Essentially, that's the place where it all, slowly, begins to change. From there, you can begin to develop your deeper values, morals, and principles. This means, they will begin to define who you are, what you will stand for and more importantly, what you will not! From this position, your ethics become shaped, honed and polished and your life's purpose and meaning become very real; tangible!

As a therapist, I learned this principle over many years. I discovered that to help clients get their life together, it was imperative that I first achieve this for myself. I found ethical values and sound morals to be of the utmost importance, especially when working with other people. Because these people place their trust in you! It is, precisely this, that makes an ethical practice of paramount importance, even more so in the world of therapeutic intervention. As my practice evolved, my ethics morphed into the cornerstone of my approach to clinical hypnotherapy. Of course, having a desire to help others, means reaching higher levels of cognitive acuity. As such, it was imperative that my levels of cognitive understanding must align with my life's principles. And because of that, my life's vision and mission statements really must be on the same page. To walk the talk; I have to be the talk! To that end, my life's philosophy is, "Say what you mean, mean what you say!" So, as a therapist, I must align myself, mentally and spiritually with my client's needs and desires. Because that is the birthplace of empathy and compassion To view the Code of Ethics I conform to, please click here:

To Guide Your Life - You need a Philosophy

My Philosophies:
Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say
Happy To Help You And Happy If I Don't
It Does What It  Says On The Tin

My life's philosophies were born out of my personal experience and how slowly or quickly I learned from life's challenges!

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!
When I was younger, It felt like I was at the mercy of everything that opposed my current mindset. Essentially, we can choose to swim against the forces of life, nature and the universe. Still, in doing so, it is possible we will never fully appreciate how easy life can be until we turn around mentally and swim with life's forces! This does not mean we approve, disapprove or give up, it just means we discover how to make life less complicated!, Do I always say what I mean and mean what I say? Well, while it is almost always my intention, I occasionally falter but never on purpose. I say mostly because I realise it is not always necessary or even nice to say what we mean. However, every time I do not achieve my philosophical aim or choose not to, it presents an opportunity to learn and move forward. That said, saying what I mean and meaning what I say has become my guiding principle and I do achieve it much more often than in times past! In that sense, it is an ever-evolving principle and one day, not too far away, I hope, I will achieve it. But for the moment I am a work in progress; getting better one day at a time!

Happy To Help You, Happy Not To
Basically, this means, my happiness is mine to manage and what I do or do not do for you will not change the fundamentals of my own happiness because I have the narrative of my happiness. I know what it is that makes me happy and in that sense, the narrative of my happiness sits within me supporting the fundamental foundation of that part of my being. This is a very different type of happiness that comes about in an acquisitional sense of gain or favour, which I call transient experience, i.e. the presence of that, in the moment, happiness. If we buy or are given something we like, then people will often say they feel happy about that. They also know this inner feeling of happiness will not last, hence it being transient. By the same virtue, when something happens that makes us unhappy, it too is mostly transient, it won't last either. So, when I adopted my philosophies, I slowly began to see and understand, that by learning, knowing and repeating these philosophies regularly, they began to shape the way I lived my life. In much the same way the memories you have of your job, hobby, home/social life etc. These types of memory allow you to do things effortlessly, naturally and proficiently. What you know determines what you can do; in some sense, you cannot do well what you do not know! More importantly, with this philosophy, you stop doing things to please people or curry favour. Even if they are pleased, it's not why you do it, you do it because it has become who you are and what you do. This means you do things without expectation and/or the need for external validation, acceptance, approval etc. Abraham Maslow referred to this state as 'Self Actualisation.' The pinnacle of a life worth living!
Note: It's not just a statement of happy to help, happy not to, that's merely a metaphor for a greater philosophy. It's a happy to and not to in almost any sphere of activity or interest you engage in. Happy to meet, be with, help, go with etc. and equally happy not to. It's not about being happy not doing something but rather a statement that confirms there is a congruence lying within that is not dependent on pleasing others. Of course, helping and/or pleasing others may be nice and if you get acceptance, approval, and validation, that's nice too, it's just not necessary to maintain that sense of inner equilibrium!

Thom Bush (or You) Does What It Says On The Tin
This saying evolved from a UK paint manufacturer, Ronseal, advertising campaign. A decorator, complete with a paintbrush and a can of Ronseal, proceeded to tell the viewers what Ronseal can do, ending by putting the tin down and tapping the top, saying, "Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin!" That's authenticity, meaning, your feelings, thoughts and behaviours have to be in alignment with your inner self. Inner peace or calmness, exists in the absence of conflict, your internal experience has to be congruent with your external life experience. If the way you live outwardly is in conflict with your inner self, then you experience cognitive dissonance. In essence, we have to be who we really are, do what we do, align with the inner self, and say what truly reflects the essence of the true self!

The aim of my therapy is to help each client discover this true self, meaning, that most people's current self is a consequence of their life experience thus far, Starting with parents, friends, teachers, governments and world events, these things shape who we are, how we feel, think and behave. Hypnotherapy can shape your true destiny by tapping into that uniqueness that is the blueprint of your life!

My Mission
I see my mission as the reaching of a predetermined set of objectives; the natural consequence of clarity of mind and of purpose! The pursuit of understanding and appreciating the needs and wants of each client and setting in motion a course of action towards reaching that end.
So, I promise you, The Client, a total commitment of my time, my experience and my full care and concern for your welfare whilst in my charge. The basic tenets of my therapy and life are:
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Diligence
  • Appreciation
  • Integrity
In addition to all that I promise you, I promise myself the time to enjoy my family, my work and my life, if I can't deliver the pursuit of success, happiness and true inner love for myself. Then how can I feel congruent to do the same for you?

Very few of us are born with perfect circumstances. Therefore, it is a duty if only to ourselves, to pursue those attributes that define true success and happiness in our life. Thus, when we look back, from where we started, to where we ended up, we can hopefully, understand the growth and fulfilment of our ambitions, our achievements and our successes. A life of meaning evolves out of the pursuit of a higher calling in our spiritual progression!


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