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What Is Life Without Character?

We Can't Determine Where We Start Life . . . Only where we Finish It!

We start life with a relatively blank slate, if one is born into privilege or poverty, that is only the starting point. Once we grow up, to a certain extent, we become the driver of our life experience and the best thing to build it into a meaningful one, that's character!

The dictionary says of character: 

“The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person.” In that context, a character can be either negative or positive. You will have to decide what kind of character you want to build! And whilst that may seem like an odd statement, it really isn't. The reason is, that many people who want to achieve certain things in life, e.g. wealth, may develop character traits that are anything but positive. So, be careful of what you become in pursuit of what you want!

Of course, when I say build character, I am talking about building a good, positive, winning, loving caring and giving character. Love, as an emotion, is essential in building a positive character. This is because the emotion of love is the most wonderful of all our emotions. It also happens to be the most attractive of them too.

All over the world people are warm, loving caring people and in a troubled world, there is definitely a need for more love! We cannot help but wear our emotions on our faces and reflect that through our body’s own unique language

When the brain, mind and body express the chemical correlates we know as love, this empowering emotion seeps out of the self. It transcends into the world around us, in the very same way radio waves travel through the air. By developing the innate human power of character, you transmit empowering emotions that define the who, what and why of yourself! This then becomes your character!

Live life, Love Yourself and the world with Love you Back; it’s Magnetic!


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