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Trans4mational Therapy?

Part of my methodology focuses on how we use language and the role that it plays in the developing issues we often face. My UK practice was called HypnoLinguistics, to reflect this semantic anomaly. However, as my practice developed, Trans4mational Therapy became a better-named explanation of the process that evolved as a helping modality to help people change their lives. The focus of that development was the recognition of the different variations of one thing, i.e. the way our brain processes the life experiences (emotional, mental and psychological states) that people face. Some of these experiences are a consequence of neural/genetic abnormalities However, the more significant portion relates to life's anomalies. Life anomalies are simply the way we (our brain) process our individual experiences of life. So, Trans4mational Therapy is a multimodality method of neuro-linguistically stimulating and transforming certain memories, thus creating the experience of life that matches and equals your potential! A process I now refer to as Neuro-Hypnotics, the intricate alignment of our inner self-talk. As we change our inner language, our awareness of our outer experiences and perceptions slowly change, creating a cognitive-emotional level of congruence and inner balance.

Rapid Session Therapy

While hypnosis is a related phenomenon to the natural states of sleep, we each experience it in our own unique way! This pans out in the many ways that relate to our own unique experiences in life. It's like running, if I were to pick ten people randomly and challenge them to a 50-metre sprint, one would come first (gold medal), another last (wooden spoon) and the rest somewhere in between! It's pretty much the same with hypnosis, while there's no gold medal as such, there are often benefits of equal significance! While there are certain financial costs involved in acquiring the benefits of hypnosis, that cost pails in significance to the emotional cost of living with a limited life. Hypnotherapy offers the prospect of outstanding results but for the type of client (gold, silver, bronze) for whom Rapid Session Therapy is suitable, it's much quicker (less session time) than the normal types of hypnosis!

Emotional Freedom Techniques (eft)?

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is a Meridian Therapy that involves tapping the head and body with your fingers; it has been likened to acupuncture; without needles! In reality, the two procedures are practically and physically poles apart.

EFT essentially separates our thoughts from our feeling or emotion; hence the term emotional freedom. Our thoughts are intrinsically linked to our emotions and vice versa. The tapping procedure, whilst saying certain phrases, somehow breaks this connection and I have provided a Tapping Guide below, so please give it a try.



Professional sportspeople have for many years used a personal coach to get them ahead of their game. But their Coach always worked on more than just their physical skills! Irrespective of the sport in question; they work equally, if not more so, on the mind or mental skill set of the person. In competitive sports, where the difference between success and 2nd place is measured in 100' or 1000' of a second, you need to be ahead of the rest. However, even more so, you also need to be ahead of yourself!

Just like the sportsperson, we too need to be able to focus on what is important and then do it! Hypno-Coaching gives us that ability and often very quickly, Get your own personal Hypno-Coach NOW!

Is a powerful way to get your life where you want it to be. It uses the same Principles as personal Coaching, the major difference is that it Coaches both the Conscious and Subconscious aspects of our brain. Hypno-Coaching is mostly a Face 2 Face process, however, it can also be conducted by IT devices, e.g. Skype, albeit under certain conditions and with certain clients.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Effective Treatments for conditions like anxiety and stress disorders, as well as conditions like major depressive disorders, are available in Singapore, face to face or online; Worldwide; the choice is yours!

If you are facing challenges in your everyday experience of life, you could have an emotional, mental or psychological condition that is causing this? If so, then therapeutic interventions could be your lifeline to a return to normal living. That is why I specialise in providing Treatments for Anxiety, Depression and Stress in Singapore. If you are looking for a solution to unwanted and unnecessary anxiety, depression, stress or trauma, then I suggest you book an appointment for a free 1-hour consultation today!

Treatment Conditions

Hypnotherapy communicates with the brain at levels below conscious awareness, at least most of the time! Meaning the more we get our logical conscious self out of the way; the more we get it!

To discover more about the individual treatment conditions, please select from the options below.
Hypnotherapy To Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is a very overused word in our lives. It is also, most often, a very misunderstood part of being human, like stress, life would be dangerous without it! However, too much anxiety leads to it becoming a disorder and that is not good for us at all. So, if you have anxiety, then hypnotherapy can help you. To learn more about the treatment of anxiety, go here or book your appointment for a Free Consultation here

Managing Anger With Hypnotherapy
Managing anger isn't always what you think it is, that is, assuming that you believe anger is the problem but what does that mean? Basically, in most cases anger isn't the problem, it's the observable symptom of the problem. In that sense, anger is the secondary emotion but what is the primary emotion? Most usually it's just frustration but it can also be emotions like guilt, sadness or even disgust. The common link between these emotions is, responsibility, something, on a species-wide level, we do not want to take. The default human tendency, in rejecting responsibility, is to blame others and anger is a really great way to reinforce that belief! 

Hypnotherapy is a great way of reframing these emotional anomalies and it is very often permanent because we change the neural basis of the memories that create the emotional schemas that support our defensive mechanisms; change them and you can change everything! To discover more about stress - go here or, to book an appointment for a Free Consultation - go here
Hypnotherapy To Manage Alcohol and Drugs
Alcohol and drugs alter the way our brain functions, it creates feelings that are pleasurable, it can relieve the apparent tragedy or mundaneness in our lives too. All of a sudden, life has a sense of fun and our inhibitions are lifted. We no longer care what others think or say but . . . sadly, it doesn't last and we come crashing back to reality! Truth be known the brain cannot sustain this level of euphoria but it likes it. What may merely start out as an experiment or a dare, "OK I'll give it a shot," can soon become a habit and, maybe, later an addiction! Hypnotherapy also alters the way our brain functions by allowing memories to express themselves differently. This is also in line with the way our brain naturally works in creating, changing and updating memory, processes called memory consolidation and reconsolidation. To discover more about stress - go here or, to book an appointment for a Free Consultation - go here
Managing Pain With Hypnotherapy

If you are experiencing pain that you would like to manage, then hypnosis may well be able to help you. However, there are important things to consider before you choose this option. Below is some information to help you better understand the what, why when and how of pain management.

It is important to know that pain almost always has a purpose, which is to serve as a warning that something is wrong in the body. It's the brain's way of saying, "I think there's a problem, proceed with caution!" Once you know its reason (because sometimes it is not obvious), you may discover if your particular pain is not necessarily one with a purpose! To learn more about managing pain, go here or to book your appointment for a Free Consultation go here

Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking
It's said that people fear public speaking more than death, although I have no desire to put that to the test! That said, the fear of speaking in public essentially derives from two basic psychological and practical standpoints.

1) The concerns and worries we have about ourselves are linked to what we think others think of us. Often these thoughts are groundless, if only because we rarely know what others actually think! However, what we think about ourselves; that’s a different story altogether! The fear of what others think is usually based on what we think about ourselves. The rationale being, if we don’t think much of ourselves; why should anyone else!

2) That we are not comfortable doing things that we do not do well. Added to this are our thoughts when observing others if we see them making a hash of something. The rationale is, that what we think of them, is what they'll think of us. Which essentially equates to us assuming we will not do well either. To discover more about speaking with confidence - go here or, to book an appointment for a Free Consultation - go here
Past Life Regression
When it comes to past-life regression hypnotherapy, some people believe and others don’t. Some, who believe, have had the experience of past lives and some who don’t believe, have also had past life experiences. However, they often explain it in abstract ways, a kind of De Ja Vu type experience. So, whether you believe it or not may not influence your outcome. The field of past life regression has some very compelling evidence, that suggests that it's at least a possibility.

Many people with a problem in this life, have found resolution by finding the origin of the problem in a past life. Of course, you may say that is not proof and I agree with you. However, if you had a problem that blighted your life, and that was healed through a vision of a past life, would you care whether it was true or not? To discover more about past life regression - go here or, to book an appointment for a Free Consultation - go here

- Taking Life To The Next Level

Life, for many people, can be a complicated process, Mostly this is because, at no point in life other than through negative experience, are we taught the most fundamental things that make life work! Things like understanding the emotion of love, developing emotional financial wisdom and the immense power of our mind! Not knowing these things exposes us to the toxic side of life.

To discover more about how Hypnotherapy can help you develop these fundamentals, please feel free to contact me for an informal chat or, even better, make an appointment for a Free Consultation.

Worldwide Therapy Now Online!

In the world of therapy, probably one of the most, if not the only, beneficial thing about Covid, is that it has given us a greater awareness of and appreciation for Online Therapy. Literally, the help you want, with the therapist you want, is now available anywhere in the world! That truly is amazing. To discover more about my Online Therapy Service, take a look here

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