What To Do If I Am Anxious?

Often people seek help because of anxiety but sometimes that anxiety prevents them from attending a session, here are some suggestions to help you overcome that hurdle.

What To Do - When To Do It!

What is anxiety?
We all experience anxiety during our everyday activities but when we are actually experiencing it, it can be difficult to understand that it is primordially a protective emotion. Essentially it is to keep us safe or out of harm's reach. It is a consequence of the activation of the fight or flight (stress) response. But the stress response can be triggered for many varying reasons. For example, in the presence of imminent (known or unknown) danger, this is fear. Or the anticipation that something terrible could or will happen, this is anxiety. So, anxiety is best described as the neurologically preemptive response to something our brain's defensive mechanisms anticipate to be dangerous, harmful or even life-threatening.

Anxiety Curse Or Blessing?


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