Hypnotherapy The Art Of Public Speaking

Success Is Where Preparation
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Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking, Are You Ready To Face Your Fear?

Simply put, life is more fun with less fear!

They say, whoever they are, that people fear public speaking more than they fear death. That said, the fear of speaking in public essentially derives from two basic psychological and practical standpoints.

1) Often the concerns and worries you have about yourself are linked to what you think other people think of you. Very often these thoughts are groundless, if only because we so very rarely know what others actually think about us! However, what we think about ourselves, well, that’s a different story altogether! The fear of what others think of us is usually based on what we actually believe and think about ourselves. The rationale being, if we don’t think much of ourselves; why should anyone else!

2) That we are not comfortable doing things that we do not do well. Added to this are our own thoughts when observing others when we observe them making a hash of something. Now the above rationale kicks in, in that, what we think of them, is what we think they'll think of us. Which essentially equates to us assuming we will not do well either?

Of course, these are generalisations but they do hold sway to a large extent for the masses. Naturally, there are always exceptions, e.g. people with low self-esteem or lack confidence but still manage to speak publicly. Or maybe it's that they just don't think much about what others think? After all, thinking is overrated! Maybe, I guess, these are the ones who will most likely incline towards a career in acting or public office. And, in a certain way, that is quite a healthy way to be, at least in the context of being able to effectively be a public speaker.

Generally speaking, our fears are very personal to us and because of that, we can feel rather isolated in our fear. It's as if we are the only person in the world with this problem! So, it might encourage you to learn that some of the most famous public figures, the very ones you'd never have guessed, have had their moments too! For example, who’d have believed that Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Anthony Quinn, Rowan Atkinson and Samuel L Jackson would have had the fear of speaking in public? But they did!

In order to overcome this fear of public speaking ourselves, it can be useful to align with such people. I remember as a young teenager playing the air guitar to Cliff Richards and the Shadows. The magic of that was the feelings it stirred inside me, the belief that I was producing the sounds, replete with feelings of being a famous rock star! It is this same process (imagination) that allows hypnotherapy to reshape the way our brain and mind work when speaking in public.

In part that is why so many public speaking coaches get their clients to practice in front of a mirror; seeing is believing! Again, in hypnotherapy, the mirror is in your mind's eye and the skilful hypnotist will tickle your senses. This creates images that are not actually there, with sounds that can only be heard in the privacy of your mind. Amazingly, that is all it takes to take you from a trembling wreck to a confident, interesting and amusing speaker. The proof to support this is found in dreams, who hasn’t had a dream of falling? While you lay flat on your back at ground zero, your mind is tumbling and falling. You feel the adrenaline rush as you hurtle towards almost certain death, your heart races, your body and palms sweat and then WHAM . . . Of course, nothing actually happened, other than the realisation that it was all a dream but boy oh boy did it feel real?

That is the power of the mind and it is this, natural and instinctive, part of your mind that we utilize in hypnosis to help you be an eloquent public speaker!.

So, if you want to talk in public, and enjoy it, then get with the programme, i.e. the talk yourself to the top with Hypnotherapy my programme for effective public speaking!

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