Hypnotherapy Is The Best Method

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How Do You Make The Right Choice?

That is a really valid question and one that is not easy to answer. This is because choosing the type of therapy and then the right therapist, is a subjective experience. To add to the complexity of it, there is usually no empirical evidence to support the decision.

It is because of this, coupled with the fact that we all experience Hypnosis in our own unique way, that I provide a Free 1 hr Consultation. To learn more about what it entails, please go here. This is where you get to try both hypnosis and the way I deliver it, in a completely risk-free way. So, you have nothing to lose, except the problem!
Why Hypnotherapy?
Therapy is a process that is performed mostly at the conscious level (beta brainwaves). As such it relies on explicit (declarative), memory, AKA autobiographical, episodic memory. However, the kind of issues that blight our life are often formed during our developing years and, are formed mostly in implicit (non-declarative), procedural and emotional, memory systems. The type of sensory-based memories that are activated before and outside of conscious awareness.

Hypnotherapy is a subconscious modality that effectively communicates with our emotional memory systems, i.e. in systems that we have no conscious control of and, hence, why conscious therapeutic interventions take much longer if at all, to make the necessary changes we want! To discover more about Hypnosis - go here

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