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Trans4mational Therapy

Trans4mational Therapy: is a synthesis of three powerful therapeutic modalities - Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and EFT (emotional freedom techniques). It also happens to be a highly effective multimodality therapeutic tool that I have developed over many years. This is because life is an evolving process and that means, that managing yourself is both essential and important because life is a work in progress. To that end, we have to get the most out of our life's experiences (the bad and the good of it), as such, we have to move toward being ahead of our game. When we have good life management skills, then, and only then, are we involved in the actual process of living.

This is because life, as a sensory experience, happens in the unfolding of each passing moment! When we do not have good life skills, we are more often life's mercy; been there, done that, didn't like it! And it's a certainty, that in most instances, it will not be a pleasant experience? In essence, life is a dual process, so, to be effective at living you must first discover what you have to do, second; do it!

From the day we are born (maybe before that), we are emotionally, physically and mentally conditioned, by nature, parents, teachers, peers, society, and even environmental and universal forces. To live successfully, these forces demand, or at least suggest, that we behave in certain ways. However, many of these are not great teachers and the lessons learned, no matter how well-intentioned, sometimes do more harm than good. The most consistent and valuable of these are the Laws of the Universe - those of Attraction, Abundance, Gravity, Time and Space. However, they are somewhat arbitrary in nature and therefore, open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding! Some of life's processes, e.g. the strategies or habits we develop, we learn as infants, toddlers and children and we do this with a child's brain. As such, it helps remember, that in varying ways, the child's brain, is both undeveloped and immature. Nevertheless, relative to our age these strategies, taking into account individual circumstances, often work quite well; for children. However, to the degree that we do not develop as progressively as we should, developmental issues can begin to occur. It's as if certain memories, many of which are subconscious and unknown to us, get stuck in a time warp and/or maladapt. This is mostly a consequence of inappropriate memory consolidation, that occurs during sleep processes. Consequentially, as we develop into adults, there is the potential for these maladapted childhood memories to become corrupted or distorted and life goes off the rails! Fortunately, Trans4mational Therapy is uniquely crafted to get you back on track!

As we move through life, we being to gain a unique understanding of life and are tasked with making sense of the universal, cultural and societal laws of existence. As a consequence of these laws and the maladaptations of our life experiences, things seemingly become more complex and from there, our unique perception of survival emerges. Therefore, for a young developing person life often doesn't seem fair; but in the greater sense of life, it doesn't have to be. William Shakespeare said: "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and each person in their time plays many parts". A profound insight into life from 500 years ago. Existentially, not much has changed, life is still somewhat a game and how we play it is often determined by how it appears to be. Why do I say appears to be? Well, mostly it is because life is a matter of perception! We know that if you put several people in a particular situation, you will likely get several differing accounts of the experience! If that's the case, which it seems to be, then each individual's outcome is the subjective interpretation of the event. Consequentially, if the situation is the situation but individual accounts of it differ, it suggests we are influencing the outcome through the uniqueness of our subjective interpretation? If that is the case, then we don't have to change the world or the past, merely the way we see and respond to it?

This is the essence of what therapy aims to bring about in your life! We can't change the past, nor can we change much of the world either; but we can definitely change the way we respond to life's unfolding story! This is really good news for YOU, as changing the past or the world would be a momentous, if not an impossible undertaking. So, naturally, it makes good sense, that the thing to change is yourself! Very often a nice but unexpected surprise, is, that when you change; others appear to change too! All that really changes, is their response/reaction to you!

Because Therapy is a totally subjective experience, I offer a Free Consultation, with no strings attached. The objective is to discuss your issue and ask the questions that will help you decide if my Therapy Service is for you? Because therapy needs the cooperation and consent of the Client (to be most effective) the Free Consultation is your opportunity to try it before you buy. If you like it; try it! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!


Achieve Inner Peace

When a client comes seeking therapy, a natural question I ask them, is what they want to achieve out of the sessions. Many clients say that what they want from therapy, is to find or achieve inner peace, in essence, to experience joy or even be happy. When I ask them this question; "what is inner peace, joy or even happiness," it is indeed rare that they can fully explain exactly what these qualities mean to them! It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for our brain to elicit a physical and emotional state if it doesn't have the concept of that state in the database. It's akin to asking a computer a question for which the answer has not been coded into its system. For sure it will come up with something but that may not be what you want! If you would like to discover what inner peace is, and how you can achieve it, then check out the button below!

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