What To Expect From Hypnosis?

This may be useful if you have never experienced hypnosis before, especially if you know little or nothing about it. On the other hand, if you know a little or a lot about hypnosis, this may also be useful. All will be explained below.

The Mind The Brain The Difference!

Therapy starts by you sharing and me listening?

To start with, the client usually tells me why they have come to seek out help with an issue. It could be something that blights their everyday experience of life, e.g. anxiety, stress or depression. It could also be a problem in a relationship or a series of them, e.g. family, partner, career or self-esteem, self-worth or confidence etc. Alternatively, life could be quite good, until they have to book a flight or go in an elevator or to the Dr, then the wheels fall off the trolley!

So, the initial meeting aims to get clarity on exactly what the issues at hand are. Once we have done that, the search for a solution (intervention) begins. Invariably, we take a look at childhood and memories because so often, this is where some, if not most, of the roots to issues lay. As sessions progress, variations of these processes ebb and flow as a consequence of the way our brain makes associations relating to the discussion. And in essence, the process of therapy evolves out of the way the client and therapist explore the client's experiences and how they appear to be encoded in emotional various memory systems. Sometimes sessions feel like a series of starting points and there is often a lot more to it than one could ever imagine!

Lay Back And Relax!


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