The symptoms of Anxiety

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Hypnotherapy - A Cure For Unnecessary Anxiety

Before treating any condition, it's good to know what you're treating!

When people talk about anxiety, it's rarely in a positive tone but occasionally they should because anxiety is actually a natural and protective defensive mechanism. Its primary objective of it is to keep us safe and out of harm's way. The problem though is that in today's modern world, there are actually a lot of fake or false stimuli that allow us to experience unnecessary anxiety. Essentially we detect danger, where danger doesn't exist! This is anomalous for a few reasons. Firstly, anxiety is best described as, the anticipation of danger, not the presence of it; that is fear. Secondly, because the brain is unable to differentiate between real or imagined danger, it makes it more difficult to determine the difference between fake or false sensory stimuli.

As we mature, the brain can add context and perspective that wasn't there when we were younger, to situations and events we experienced in our developing years. This means that we can now have a corrupted adult memory of a childhood event. That's often why we have more difficulty with a childhood event, say trauma or abuse, as an adult than we did as a child!

This may sound confusing because we are talking about two things that are essentially the same, fake and false, but there is sometimes a subtle difference! Mostly the difference is in the intent. While there is not a simple answer to this dilemma, I can hopefully give an example, from a psychological, not a legal perspective. Fake has all the attributes of being real but is most usually derived from an external source, i.e. someone or something else spreading the fake news. False, on the other hand, equally has all the attributes of truth but is most often generated by our brain! A dream of falling is a good example of a real experience of a false stimulus. Receiving or reading fake news, e.g. on your mobile or social media, creates real anxiety but is based on fake, non-existent stimuli. By that, I mean, the anxiety is created by the reading of the fake news, not the factual proof of its existence.

There is more information, including a list of the symptoms of anxiety, in the accordion. 
Symptoms of Anxiety

Pounding heart (palpitations)        

Fuzzy head or giddy feelings

Sweaty palms

hot or cold flushes


Tingling feelings in hands and feet   

Tight chest

Stomach cramps





Pale complexion

Aching limbs

Sleep problems


Feeling lethargic

Feeling depressed

Poor judgment

Poor concentration

Make bad decisions

Make more mistakes or errors

Poor memory or forgetfulness

Becoming insular or withdrawn

Prone to anger outbursts

Feeling negative about life in general

Prone to minor ailments, colds, flu etc.

Exaggerated startle response

Generally feeling unwell or

Having a feeling of foreboding


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