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What is a Free Consultation?

Making the decision to reach out for help to deal with psychological, mental or emotional issues can be difficult for many people. So, at the start of my career, I decided to provide clients with a Free Consultation. This gives you an opportunity to explore your options, free of any financial commitment or obligation.

The primary purpose of the free consultation is an introduction to myself, as a therapist as well as my style and range of therapy services (Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, or EFT). We start by having a relaxed, almost informal, chat about what's causing you concern, i.e. why you want therapy! I'll explain what hypnosis is, how it works and, with your consent, demonstrate what it may do for you by providing you with the opportunity to experience hypnosis. I define this hypnotic experience as beginners, entry-level hypnosis but it is deep enough to get a realistic feel of the phenomena itself. I gently guide you through this experience, a process that people describe as a calm and relaxing experience. This means, throughout the entire consultation, your needs and wishes are my priority, as such, you are the centre of my attention and I'm there just for you.

Defining The Issue

Regarding your issue of concern, it may be useful to determine what defines a problem. One could look at it as a feeling or recurring problem that interferes with your everyday life. Or, generally speaking, life is ticking along well until you face a specific set of circumstances, that’s when the wheels fall off the trolly! For example, you are alright until booking or going on a flight and then suddenly become overwhelmed with anxiety. Or a situational fear, e.g. going to work, out for lunch, going in an elevator or maybe in social situations or relationships etc. In fact, anything that forces you to make alternative plans or take evasive action may be considered a call for help! 

As mentioned above, during the Free Consultation, I will explain how hypnotherapy works in general but more specifically; I hope I can demonstrate how it could work for you. Also, because it is likely your first experience with hypnosis, this experience is akin to a beginner, entry-level hypnosis. It is also possible you may be a little anxious and that fine, it's your first experience, so why wouldn't you be anxious? This is where my 23 years and 25,400 hours of experience come into play!

I will also answer any questions you have about hypnosis and therapy. This can be a brief or in-depth explanation, with the intention of explaining how hypnosis therapy can help make a bad life good or a good life great. It’s also worth mentioning that hypnotherapy is one of the few types of therapy I do. 

For more information on my full range of services, click the link below.

All You Have To Do Is Choose!

While many other therapists offer a free consultation, they are often quite short, e.g. 20, 30 or maybe 45 minutes and because of that, they seldom include a demonstration of hypnosis. So, it just makes good sense to me, that if you go to a hypnotherapist, you should at least get some kind of understanding of what the experience is like before you have to open your wallet! This is the primary reason why my sessions, including the Free Consultation, are longer than almost every other therapist. Consequently, the way I demonstrate my service is by giving each client the best possible understanding of hypnosis and how that could benefit your individual issue before we even contemplate the decision to enter therapy properly. Many clients have had issues for a long time, sometimes most of their life it seems, so being able to summarise that efficiently and effectively may present a challenge in a short time frame and that is why my Free Consultation is a minimum of 1Hr. It is also true that sometimes just talking about a problem can help to ease the burden and that alone is a good reason to take up my offer!

If you would like to see the many and varied types of conditions that hypnotherapy can help you with, please take a look at this page for a summary of Treatment Conditions and from there, you can explore a more detailed account of each condition. I guess it gets down to how much time you have to get a better understanding of what issue you have and how I may be able to help you. At this stage, the investment is a mere few hours of your time (including travel) as opposed to how much time the issue causes you and how much better life could be with a solution.

At the conclusion of the Free Consultation, should you choose to proceed into therapy, your only commitment is to the first session. At the end of the first session, if you decide to continue further, you can do so on a session-by-session basis or, if it feels right for you, take one of my packages, which offers a 33% discount. Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer, e.g. Pay Now or credit card, the choices are all Yours!

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