Hypnotherapy, Available Where You Are
When It Suits You!

Hypnosis, A Truly Transcendental Experience!

Imagine you are lying on a comfortable chair, eyes closed, listening to music and hearing empowering words. This is something we often experience when listening to our favourite song by our favourite singer. How much does the physical absence of that singer matter to our awareness of that moment? In truth, it doesn't matter that much at all, it is the metaphysical awareness of our mind, our perceptions and how we fanaticise the very essence of a perceived reality. That is how we create our inner experience. A perception so powerful that can change the way we feel, think and behave; this is Hypnosis!

Perhaps the above is a much better way to view the value of Online Therapy. Yet so often potential clients, many of whom have not had therapy before, say, I prefer face-to-face. So, the question would be, if you have never had any therapeutic experience, how do you know you'd prefer face-to-face?  Especially, when the most therapeutically important aspect of the therapy itself (the part you do in hypnosis), is conducted with your eyes closed!

The most common perception of a therapeutic interview is telling the therapist your story, i.e. what you know, what you think etc. The therapist will ask you questions and, mostly, your answers are predicated on memories, it is our memory that allows us to tell our story. If you lack the memory of it, how can you tell it?: Of course, there are memories we have that have been relegated to some far-distant corner of our brain/mind. Some are put there because they have little value or are rarely used. Others, however, are there because they elicit unwanted feelings and these types are often linked to our emotional systems, systems that initiate a fear response (fight or flight). One of the primary objectives of these systems is survival through avoidance. In the presence of a spider, fight or flight invokes a fear response and fight, kill the spider (please don't) or flight, get out of Dodge, determines your next move. Eventually, you will subconsciously, avoid places where spiders are likely to be found. The same principle applies to flying (aviophobia), people (social anxiety), and public/social talking (stage fright). 

The very essence of my therapeutic style is the discovery of what you do not know. This is often because of years of therapy, often with many different therapists, having regurgitated all that you know and some that you have learned and reframed, relevant to old memories, does not work. To be different you have to do something different and the only way to do that with me; is Online! 

To make that easier for you, I provide a full 1hr Consultation, try it before you buy it! To book your Free Consultation, you can book that right here!

Hypnotherapy, Available Where You Are, When It Suits You!

Hypnotherapy used to be something you had to experience face-to-face in the therapist's office and during his or her business hours! So, it's nice to know that right now, that is no longer the case as I am now providing all of my services exclusively Online! That means you can choose the therapy you want, when and where it is convenient for you, of course, subject to time zones and availability, you can hook up at a time that works best for you! Even better than that, you can try a Free 1-hour Consultation to see if it suits your needs!

Apart from the convenience of scheduling a time that works best for you, it can be of immense help to people suffering from anxiety disorders. Think of someone suffering from agoraphobia, for whom the thought of leaving home could be terrifying! Or someone who would find it difficult to be seen seeking help? Internet or Online Hypnotherapy offers you unprecedented levels of anonymity! And what about the busy people, for whom finding the time to travel to and from a therapist's office presents a significant challenge to their already hectic schedule? The benefits just go on and on and on!

So, with many of the previous things we had to do face-to-face in person, Online Hypnotherapy now presents people with a whole range of remote healing options. Basically, all you need is access to the internet, a device with a reasonably good screen e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop, PC etc. somewhere comfortable and private, where you won't be disturbed for an hour or so, and you're away. And, the experience is further enhanced if you have a good set of headphones! I predominantly use Zoom but am open to any similar Platform (See Terms and Conditions). This now means that accessing help, thru Hypnotherapy, becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3! To date, I have helped people from many countries with my Hypnotherapy service and it gets even better because it saves you time, it is more convenient and finally, you may be more inclined to try it without the distractions and/or excuses that have prevented you from trying it up until now!
 As with all my therapy services, the initial consultation is FREE (you can now book your free consultation here with confidence), this can be done by Zoom (or similar) or by telephone (VOIP) at +65 9186 3575. Or you can make an initial inquiry via email at info@trans4mationaltherapy.com

All you need to experience online therapy is:
1. You need access to the internet
2. A Zoom account (or similar), if you don't have one Get a Free Zoom account here
3. Somewhere private where you will not be disturbed
4. Ideally a comfortable chair, bed or lounger
5. Preferably using earbuds or headphones (this also helps reduce external sources of noise)
6. A credit card, PayPal account or any online payment system - if you need a PayPal account get one here
7. An open mind towards Hypnosis but I can answer any questions or concerns you have

My Zoom account Name is: Trans4mational Therapy Centre 

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As of 1 December 2022, all therapy is now Online
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