Hypnotherapy, Available Where You Are, When It Suits You!

Hypnotherapy used to be something you had to experience face to face, in the therapist's office and during his or her hours of business! So, it's nice to know that right now, that is no longer necessarily the case. These days you can choose the therapist you want, where they are and, subject to time zones and availability, hook up at a time that works best for you!

Apart from the convenience of scheduling a time that works best for you, it can be of immense help to people suffering from anxiety disorders. Think of someone suffering from agoraphobia, for whom the very thought of leaving home could be a terrifying prospect! Or someone who would find it difficult to be seen seeking help, internet hypnotherapy offers you unprecedented levels of anonymity! And what about the busy people, for whom finding the time to travel to and from a therapist's office presents a major challenge to their already hectic schedule? The benefits just go on and on and on!

So, with face to face therapy now not the only option a whole new range of online healing options opens up for many people. Basically, all you need is access to the internet, a device with a reasonably good-sized screen e.g. tablet, laptop, PC etc. and somewhere comfortable and private and you are away. And, it is an enhanced experience if you have a good set of headphones! With Skype (or similar), hypnotherapy becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3! To date, I have helped people from many countries with my Hypnotherapy service and it gets even better because it saves you time, it is more convenient and finally, you may be more inclined to try it without the distractions and/or excuses that have prevented you from
 As with all my therapy services, the initial consultation is FREE (you can now book your free consultation here with confidence), this can be done by Skype (or similar) or by telephone (VOIP) +65 9186 3575. Or you can make an initial inquiry via email at

All you need to experience therapy by Skype:
1. You need access to the internet
2. A Skype account (or similar), if you don't have one you can get a Free Skype account here
3. Somewhere private where you will not be disturbed
4. Ideally a comfortable chair, bed or lounger
5. Preferably ear or headphones (this also helps reduce external sources of noise)
6. A credit card, PayPal account or any online payment system - if you need a PayPal account get one here
7. An open mind towards Hypnosis but I can answer any questions or concerns you have

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