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I hope you find the information below useful, especially because there is so much more to see and do in Kampong Glam!

 I Opened my first independent office here in Singapore in 2009, at KeyPoint (now City Gate) in Kampong Glam. I moved to Sultan Plaza in 2015. I chose this area because it has good transport links (get directions here) and the area is one of the most exciting in Singapore (more info here). In the links below you can find lots of information about my practice and the location. 

Practical Information

At the enquiry stage, a potential client often reaches out to a few different therapists or to a specific one. The latter depends on whether they are referred by someone they know or if there's something about the therapist's website that strikes a chord! In either case, I start by providing a Free Consultation because each client responds to therapy, especially hypnotherapy, differently, (you can read about the Free Consultation here).

There is no obligation to the free consultation but should you choose to continue, the only obligation is to the first session. At the end of the first session, you can choose to go no further but equally, you can continue further into your therapeutic journey. The next choice, is how you want to proceed, i.e. session by session or by taking one of my very discounted packages (view my fees here).

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Location and Appointments

Kampong Glam was land set aside for Sultan Hussein Mohamed Shah and 600 family members in 1824 after he signed the treaty that ceded Singapore to the East India Company.5 He instructed the Temenggong Abdul Rahman to build his palace here – a large attap-roof Istana (palace).6 Aside from the sultan’s family, residents of the area included the Bugis, Arabs, Javanese and Boyanese. By 1824, at least one-third of the residents were Chinese.7 Muslim immigrants were allocated to reside at Kampong Glam. These migrants settled amongst their own ethnic groups, which gave rise to different “mini-kampongs” such as Kampong Bugis, Kampong Java and Kampong Malacca. Stamford Raffles himself donated $3,000 for a “respectable mosque”, which served the community until 1924 when the current landmark, Sultan Mosque, was built. The location of Kampong Glam caused a rift between Raffles and William Farquhar – the latter believed that the land would be better used as the island’s business centre.8 Kampong Glam was developed in 1831 by 200 convict workers in eight months, at a total cost of $500. Article source

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