The symptoms of Depression

Understand Your Options For a Cure

Hypnotherapy - A Solution For Depression

Before treating depression, it's good to know what you're treating!

When people talk about depression, it's almost always with a negative tone and while it may feel anything but normal, it is the way people feel. In a bizarre sense, depression is a defensive condition. The world is a dangerous place and you'd better be prepared for what it throws at you!

The primary objective of it is to keep us safe and away from harm, whatever the cost. The problem though is that it's a consequence of either a maladaptive chemical malaise in the brain or the consequence of some pretty awful life experiences. Can be grounded in reality or fantasy and as far as how that makes you feel, it pretty well doesn't matter which it is. Depression is on the rise for a number of reasons:
1. life is changing too fast, mostly as a consequence of the IT revolution
2. Life and living are too dammed expensive and that piles heaps of pressure on us, a pressure that our parents and grandparent never had. Mind you, they had plenty to deal with, World Wars, civil insurrection, strikes etc.
3. This one I say tongue in cheek. Today we have too much awareness of everything and overuse of rhetoric!

Essentially eople refer to being stressed, yet rarely understand what stress is. They claim to be phobic or OCD, without fully appreciating how serious those conditions are. consequently. So, to a certain degree, we talk ourselves into states that actually begin to manifest.

So, if you want to evaluate your life perspective and get some clarity, why not make an appointment for Free Consultation?

Are you suffering from depression?

Then it may be helpful to have a better understanding of the symptoms. Depression can affect people in many different ways as well as, being a factor of their age, gender, personality or character traits and of course their ethnicity or cultural background. Some people may find it difficult to speak about or express the feelings of being depressed and, so, may focus more on the physical symptoms instead.

Emotional Symptoms of Depression

Emotional symptoms

  • feeling sad, down or empty for most of the day, almost every day
  • loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities, especially ones that used to give you much pleasure
  • becoming withdrawn from friends or family and finding reasons or excuses to avoid them
  • feelings of worthlessness or guilt, lacking confidence or low self-esteem
  • (suicidal thoughts (a useful guide to understanding the risks)
  • crying or maybe just tearing, getting choked up for no apparent reason.
  • suicidal thoughts or maybe actions towards ending one's life

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