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Hypnotherapy How To Understand The Brain Mind Riddle

Do You Want to quit smoking with hypnosis? I will help you find your reason, right here in Singapore!
One of the most effective ways to stop smoking is to have an empowering reason! An empowering reason is one that can overcome the incredible illogic of the subconscious brain. For it is in the subconscious brain that the reason, if not desire, to smoke exists. Overcoming the desire or need to smoke is completed by aligning our consciousness (the desire to quit) with the subconscious need to smoke (a survival need). Hypnotherapy allows the alignment of what we term 'the two minds' to occur naturally and thus to easily stop smoking. It provides that empowering reason needed by the subconscious brain o quit!


For the most part, smoking is primarily a precursory habit formed at an early age, with some specific memory schemas linked to observations of pleasure or power systems, often within a family or close social networks!

Ready To Quit? Think Hypnotherapy

The Psychology Of Smoking

I know smoking is bad for me, yet I can’t seem to quit; why?

Understanding some of the psychological reasons behind why you smoke, somehow makes it easier to quit. Most often people make subconscious decisions to smoke and this often happens when they are somewhere between 5 and 10 years old. The reasons for this are purely psychological and not within the realm of conscious thought. This is because they are driven by powers such as observation and probably involve mirror neurons. These are special neurons in key brain areas that aid learning through observing and mimicking others' behaviour.

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The Power of Mind - Life Without Smoking

It is not uncommon for clients to say of hypnotherapy, "I've tried everything; this is my last hope!" The statement suggests they may have some negative thoughts or perspectives about hypnotherapy and that is a shame!. It's a shame because hypnosis is probably one of the most effective methods used to stop smoking!

The reason for the effectiveness of hypnosis lies inside the deepest parts of our brain, the place where the answer to everything we want resides. Hypnosis awakens that vast resource that lays within your inner self; the driver of life itself . . . Once you open this pool of resources, you have the power to achieve almost anything that is within your own unique set of talents!

To discover your own unique power and ability to stop smoking, why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation and Kick the Habit For Good?

Corporate Workshops - Private Consultations
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These days you can do a great service to those people who you employ who wish to quit but lack the wherewithal to succeed. That is why I have put together a Corporate Stop Smoking Package. Please email me for details and prices.

For private Consultations, I provide one on one sessions in the comfort and privacy of my practice in Sultan Plaza. Allowing you to experience hypnosis and an in-depth discussion about your smoking habit, as well as the possible causes if you've failed to quit before. If this is your first attempt to quit smoking; then most likely it will be your last!
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