Terms of Business

My terms of business are simple and, I hope, fair!

1)  The free consultation is only free if you attend it. If you do not, without adequate prior notice, it will become chargeable at a rate of $200.00 (see cancellation policy below)

2)  if you make an appointment, please keep it. If for any unforeseen reason you cannot make it; please let me know. I reserve the right to be paid for broken appointments without 24 hours' notice (see cancellation policy below). 
3 ) If you are going to be late for an appointment, it is your responsibility to advise me. If you are the last or only client for the day and do not or cannot advise me, I will wait for 20 minutes after the appointment time, if you fail to arrive by this time, I will assume that something has occurred and you are unable to keep the appointment and I will leave the premises.NOTE:  TO ADVISE OF BEING LATE, PLEASE USE TEXT OR WHATSAPP
4)  Please be punctual for appointments, I can only determine the time our appointment ends. If it starts late, it could affect the efficacy of the therapy and you are wasting your money!

5)  All single-session appointments are payable in advance, packages are payable when booked, usually at the end of the first session

6)  The Free recording (value $150) is only available if you proceed to therapy and book and pay for a package at the end of the free consultation or first session. For clients paying session by session, the recording will be provided upon  payment of the 4th session

7)  As is the case with all medical and therapeutic interventions, there are no guarantees on the outcome of any treatment, Specifically, because of the personal nature of hypnotherapy, each client's response is both personal and individual, meaning some aspects of the treatment are completely under the client's control. 

8)  I go to considerable lengths to give each client sufficient information upon which to make an informed choice as to how they wish to proceed, e.g. session by session or a package. Therefore, I operate a no refund policy for any unused sessions. However, there is no expiry date for sessions and, subject to my discretion,  any unused session may also be transferable. Save that any sessions still untaken after 1 year from the start date of treatment, will be subject to an increase in my fee structure, if applicable

9) Once under therapy, you must inform me if you are placed on any medication, especially, drugs for neurological conditions. If you start any such drugs, I reserve the right to suspend the treatment until such a time that the efficacy of the medication can be evaluated and it is proper to recommence the treatment

Thank you for your attention and time. If you have any questions relating to my terms and conditions of business, please feel free to call me on +65 9186 3575 or email -

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