Trans4mational Therapy
A Global Online Experience!

Trans4mational Therapy A uniquely Online Experience!

Every cloud has a silver lining and the 21st Century Pandemic is no exception. Never in human history have so many people spent so much time working at home and a natural extension of that was working online as well.

It also spurred new innovations across many industries and in many cases, made them better and therapy was no exception to that. Over the years I have worked with many clients online but they were always existing clients. However, during the lockdown period, I also began working with some new clients and, to my surprise, it worked extremely well. It also means that my training, skills and experience are now available to a much wider audience. With 23 years in private practice and nearly 25,000 client hours, I truly hope I can share that with you!

This was ultimately a factor in my decision to give up my office and work exclusively online and, so far, it is going very well. It has also opened up new markets in new countries and that will ultimately expand the diversity of my experience. It also allows me to develop a new understanding of how life and living, despite our cultural differences and geographical location, follow pretty parallel paths. Maybe that's just because your fear system is the same as everyone else's. The significant difference, however, is in how our fear system responds to certain stimuli, circumstances and situations and that's just as it is with people all over the world, no matter where they come from.

The upside to this is that what works for people here in Singapore, will likely work for you, no matter where you are; even Timbuctoo!

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So. I look forward to meeting you online, at your time; your place!

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As of 1 December 2022, all therapy is now Online
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