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Choosing a therapist can be difficult, who to choose, what type of therapy will work for me etc? That's why the testimonials of previous clients can be helpful in making that choice. So, it's really not what I say that counts, it's the perspective of each client and what they say; that's what counts!

To help you make an informed decision, I offer you a totally free consultation with absolutely no obligation. The purpose of my free consultation is to discuss your area of concern and allow you to experience a hypnotic induction (with your consent, of course). You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. At the end of that, you should have the basic information you need to make that informed decision. If you choose to proceed with me as your therapist, your only commitment is to the first session. At the end of the first session, now much more informed, you can choose if you wish to proceed further. Giving you the maximum flexibility of choice over the process and course of your therapy. I can't be any fairer than that; can I?

To help you in making the initial choice, of making an appointment, below are some testimonials from my past clients. In the helping profession, the most profound experience one can have comes from knowing how you have assisted someone to make positive changes to their life!

Below are comments from past Clients of Thom's!

Jeanette US

After 2 or 3 sessions I got better, I slept really well now and have a calm mind

Decided to go to Trans4mational Therapy for hypnotherapy, due to various effects of anxiety.

I used to go to a psychiatrist and I wasn't really satisfied with the sessions and the things that were suggested for me to do. I continued to research other alternatives and found Thom. Best decision I've made. After 2 or 3 sessions I got better, I slept really well now and have a calm mind. 

Thom is very easy to talk to, and listens very attentively and does his best to suggests mind activities suited for your situation. Sessions don't feel formal or uptight or anything but actually becomes something like a very good and light conversation. Already recommended to a few friends struggling with anxiety even alcoholism, trauma or those who want to quit working. 

Hope it works out for you cause it most definitely worked for me.

Treated by: Mr Thom Bush

DF says:

Thom is very patient and genuine in helping you seek root causes and improvements"
"I signed up for the 4 + 1 sessions package with Thom as I recently decided to get help to treat my compulsive drinking and eating habits. The therapy had immediate results on my drinking habits where I now only drink on occasions reasons with friends dinner and in a measured manner. I don't drink anymore periodically at home nor uncontrollably at events. 

These are significant improvements which I owe to Thom and his combined psychotherapeutic & Hypnotic approach. He is very patient and genuine in helping you seek root causes and improvements. I strongly recommend you give it a go if facing similar personal issues.
Overall I got everything I went for at the Trans4mational Therapy centre."

JM says:

If you are reading this, the chances are that you have started to feel that you might need a helping hand to change something in your life or the life of someone you care about.  Whatever it is, book a consultation with Thom immediately.  Read no further, go no place else - just schedule the appointment now.  That is the most direct and honest advice that I can give you.  Thom has experience and wisdom that will put you at ease and allow you to explore the causes of your behaviour, understand these causes, make peace with them and change them for good.  All in a matter of hours.  He has given me increased peace, confidence and freedom.  I am an improved person; a better partner, a more present parent, a more productive businessperson.  If you are struggling he will give you the clarity and power to overcome: if you are succeeding his techniques will make sure that you are conscious of your success and able to maximise and enjoy it.  In short, this will improve your life immeasurably.  Do not waste any more time... oh, and thank you so very much, Thom!


Surin says:

Hi Thom, how are you? Surin Lee here, It’s been a while.

I just wanted to let you know that I manifested my dream to move to Los Angeles! Thank YOU. I got a transfer to LA via my work. Listening to your recording and voice before I sleep and dreaming about LA must have contributed. Your voice and advice really gave me the clarity to know what I wanted and, as you said, it happened! Hope all is well with you and your family. We fly out tonight. Sending you love and good thoughts. Happy holidays.

Exhilarating to the mind: 

David W says: Having tried many types of therapy it was so refreshing to work with Thom. He has an easy manner and made me feel comfortable and confident. The therapy sessions were both delightful and effective. I initially thought 2 hours was a long time for therapy but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the time passed! I now feel like a new chapter of my life has opened and look forward to the future with confidence and hope.

Thank you, Thom

Goes deeper: 

Ann d. says: I feel Thom spends a lot of time trying to understand one's context before actually embarking on any exercise. This gives me a lot of confidence in his approach. He also draws heavily from his own life's learnings and I find that I trust his recommendations more as a result.

Passion and Respect: 

Joe M. says: Thom is a very passionate and respectful consultant that I, my wife and especially my son felt comfortable from the very first meeting. We as a parent feel very confident with God grace that Thom help our son to manage his anxiety and see life in a positive way.

First Timer - Initial Consultation:

Alixia Y. says: It was quite an enriching experience. Thom is a good listener, and I like how showed empathy and provided an example of his life experiences to help relate to my situation. There was no pressure and I felt very comfortable. I came in with a head that felt like a vacuum sucking it up for weeks and walked away feeling very relaxed. I will definitely come back to see Thom again and would encourage those who are new to the therapy to give him a try.

3 Sessions: 

Ekul C.  Says: Thom listens and pays attention and catches fine details. He relates using anecdotes and stories drawn from his own life. He is calm, reassuring and empathetic. He helps me see things in a new light. Like to share a quote...“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein.

Hypnotherapy 5-session Course: 

Max R.  Says: Thom Bush is someone who takes the time to discuss issues with concern and empathy. He never rushes you and listens very carefully to what you're saying in order to let you know consciously what the issue is. Then comes the hypnosis session where he helps you deal with the issue on a subconscious level. This bimodal clearing is much more effective than simply talking with a counsellor. Thom has helped me with issues that have been with me since childhood and I'm very happy with the progress that I've made with his help. Will recommend Thom Bush all day to anyone who is having issues buried deep within that need clearing up. Hypnotherapy deals with issues on an intellectual and spiritual level and Thom is proficient in both. Cheers!

Thom was lovely, a fantastic listener: 

JM.  Says:  Thom was lovely, a fantastic listener and someone who understood where I had been and where I am standing now.

He has been through this dread and come out the other side, he gives me hope. 

I will be seeing Thom again soon.

Patient and a Happy Husband: 

KK.  Says:  Thom was very patient... The session ended up to be 2.5hrs instead of the intended 1hr. I had my first session on hypnotherapy and was naturally very wary of the whole process... I didn't think much of it but that night... I didn't have insomnia and slept early without any problem... The last few days my husband even commented that I'm more cheerful... I don't know if it's a coincidence but it definitely had a positive effect on my life ... Thanks, Thom :)

Very sincere & empathetic: 

ST.  Says:  Thom showed empathy and he is unassuming.

Grateful for your help: 

C K K.  Says:  Thom made an effort to explore all parts of my life & all issues I could possibly have before making suggestions about areas that I may wish to focus on. He showed empathy & provided interesting points of view to my problems

Very sincere & empathetic: 

Jade.  Says:  I felt I was in good hands. Thom was sincere and an empathetic listener.

A lot of assurance to make me feel I'm heard: 

Tan PS.  Says:  I felt very reassured after my hour's consultation. Thom made me feel he had all the time in the world for me and I feel confident I can address my problems with a great deal of success!

Empowers you to make real changes in your life: 

Jacquie.  Says:  Enjoyed my initial session with Thom. We covered a lot of ground and I felt that the issues I raised were addressed with understanding and empathy. It gives me the confidence to move ahead and take the first steps towards making some positive changes to both habit and thought processes.

A truly great help in my life!: 

Frank I.  Says:  I have now had 4 sessions with Thom, each 2 hours long. This longer session gives me the relaxation to go deeper and to approach my life from different angles, using different methods. Thom is calm, respectful and engaged and offers me many insights that have a positive effect on my daily life and longer-term vision.

A most genuine & sincere practitioner: 

A Ong.  Says:  I initially booked a solo initial review accompanied by my wife and Thom was kind enough to include my wife in the consultation. Thom was very patient throughout, he not only gave the both of us helpful insights with regards to our relationship issues he also provided a detailed analysis of our differences spot on. The supposedly one-hour long initial consultation lasted for two hours. Thom comes across to me as very sincere and obliging. He makes sure that you only sign up for therapy unless you need to. It had been a very enriching initial consultation and I wanna extend my heartfelt thanks to Thom for his time.

A wonderful healing experience: 

Peter Au.  Says:  I would really recommend his service to anyone. The very first thing is that he does not judge you based on your problem and that time is not of importance to him when we discussed my problem. He also has some good ideas on how to get you to feel at ease and relate the problem that you have in a positive way.

Grateful for your help: 

Sumathi.  Says:  Thom showed empathy and he is unassuming. I will never forget your help

Many thanks to you. I will never forget your help: 

TS.  Says:  Hi Thom, just wanted you to know that after my consultations with you, I changed, things changed and my husband changed. My husband and I are closer to each other now than before and he has also stopped smoking. I was in a bad stage emotionally when I first came for my no-obligation consultation with you. You listened to me and understood my plight and how I felt exactly. You don’t judge people. You treated me as if I was your only client. You gave full attention to my problems.

I have learned that happiness comes from within us. I felt better after each session. You are a person people can talk to about anything under the sun. Luckily I came to you and didn’t go elsewhere. I cannot imagine how I could have coped with my situation without your help.

Excited about being in the moment: 

Marloes,  Says:  I am highly recommending Thom as a therapist.

Over the years I have participated in many personal development programs, always with short-term results. My main issues were feeling unworthy and having high anxiety. No matter what I did these feelings persisted. I understood that I needed to work on much deeper levels of my consciousness to get more lasting results and was looking for hypnotherapy as a possible way to achieve that.

After meeting Thom for the first obligation-free session I knew that he was the person to work with. After a very short time, I started to understand, experience and feel that I deeply and completely accept myself the way I am.

At all times Thom has been personable and professional, highly engaging and genuinely committed to showing me the tools to transform old patterns of being into living a fulfilling life, living in this moment and developing a very deep love for myself and all those around me.

Thom is a Therapist that helps you help yourself to achieve the life you want: 

Emma, September 13, 2010.  Says:  Thom is a great practitioner and someone I would highly recommend to everyone regardless of your issue. Thom is an intelligent, caring and highly personable man. He has such a kind heart and this is illustrated by the way he genuinely wants to make a difference in people’s lives and also to help others make a difference themselves. Thom will always go the extra mile to help you, whether he is providing exercises for you to do, articles either he or others have written or recommended books for you to educate yourself. Thom not only provides support through his sessions but he will often send you emails and SMS to help as well.

Thom uses a variety of different techniques in his therapy, such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), etc. to allow you to achieve the quickest results. Thom places the emphasis on the fact that YOU are the one who is making your own progress, that YOU have all the “Tools” you need to be a relaxed, happy and positive person inside of you and that he is teaching you to access this through a better dialogue with yourself. This will increase your self-esteem.

I started to see Thom when I had severe anxiety and panic attacks after starting a new job. I had been retrenched a year earlier and it was important for me to keep my new job (which was not only difficult to find at the time but having to support myself I needed the money to pay the bills). My panic attacks and anxiety had pervaded everything, eating lunch with new colleagues (I felt I was going to be sick or choke), sitting at my new desk (I felt this overwhelming sense of fear and that I might have to run out at any point), attending meetings was difficult (I would leave drenched in sweat and feel as though I could not concentrate on what colleagues were saying). At certain points, I thought I would have to leave work.

I contacted Thom and whilst other hypnotists had told me they couldn’t see me for 4 weeks. Thom took the time to listen to me and explain that there was hope and that he would rearrange his schedule the next day just so that I could see him. At this point, I was glad that I couldn’t see any of the other practitioners as Thom had already shown me compassion. I saw Thom the next day and explained that I wanted to get better but that I didn’t want to take any medication, I wanted to do it naturally. Thom would have supported me either way, he would never judge me. This enabled me to fully confide in Thom, he has such a relaxed manner. After just one session with Thom, I felt so much better, I really felt that he understood that I was going through. Thom never belittles what you are feeling but explains where this anxiety originates and suggests various techniques that I could use to help me relax. Thom also explains how your thoughts have an effect on your physical being and how you can change the way you feel through your thoughts.

Within a couple of weeks of seeing Thom, I had to fly to Thailand and conduct a series of meetings. Whilst I felt a little anxious, with Thom’s help I was able to fly to Thailand by myself, conduct meetings and return 3 days later with much more confidence. A few months after seeing Thom, I have been able to conduct presentations to audiences of up to 90 people and actually enjoy the experience.

I still face challenges but I am changing my thought patterns and am much more positive. In Singapore, it is difficult to find compassionate and kind help for issues which aren’t considered a physical illness. Thom is a rare find and is someone that can help you to help yourself.

My experience:  by A_ _ _ m :) 

Says: Thom. When u said.. "your real therapy begins after this.." I never really understood what it meant at that time. But 2 months after therapy, I'm writing this review to let people know you changed my life. U literally did.. Your teachings. Therapy and guidance just gave me a way better life. I may not have achieved all my goals but my outlook on life is just different. it's just way better and I can't thank u enough ;)

Truly cares about people: 

Helga, June 30, 2010.  Sats:  Thom is a great therapist, who really knows what he is doing and truly cares about people. I absolutely enjoyed working with him, as he is a warm and lovely person. Through his work, I feel much more confident now and I am really happy about that, what a success.

A great source of inspiration and motivation: 

by Martin, Says:  Working with Thom has been a constant pleasure and a great source of inspiration and motivation. Thom helped me create more clarity on my values, purpose and goals in life and has taught me techniques which help me excel in my personal development.

Combination of multiple therapeutic modalities: 

by Michael,  Says:  Thom is an amazing person, therapist and friend. He was recommended to me by another practitioner and in the short time that I spent with him, I have experienced greater and faster results from therapy than ever before. His combination of multiple therapeutic modalities has proven very effective for me and I cannot thank him enough for changing my life for the better. In practice, Thom is caring, personable and professional. He was very patient with me and took the time to fully understand the challenges in my life that brought me to him. He always brought positive and enlightening moods to our sessions, but what meant the most was that he knew and treated me like a friend and was committed to helping me achieve my goals. What sets Thom apart from the rest is his dedication to his clients. He truly made me feel like I was his only client and gave me as much attention as I needed. Even in between sessions he was there for me helping me to apply his teachings throughout the week. I always felt that Thom was by my side and it was the best therapy experience I've ever had. Thank you, Thom!

A warm thank you to all my clients who shared their experience!


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