Question 4. Will I divulge confidential information

Subconscious release of secret or hidden information may release guilt!

When it comes to certain matters, e.g. secret information or information irrelevant to the issue at hand, as a hypnotherapist I have no interest in discovering such information. In essence, you are no more likely to be asked to divulge anything of a sensitive nature under hypnosis, than you would anywhere else. Basically, we are more likely to confide in someone we trust, than someone we do not! So, in that context, if you have a trust issue with your therapist, get another therapist! However, if trust, is the issue at hand, then working on that, without the need to depend too much on trust, will be a good way to go. The comfort you have is knowing that what is said in the room; stays in the room and that's a promise! Although, if you are concerned about what happens during hypnosis, you can ask for the session to be recorded!

Among other things, the conscious or subconscious release of secret or hidden information may release guilt or shame! Quite naturally, from a conscious perspective, one may not wish to talk about such things, they may be considered private, or skeletons in the closet! However, if they are somehow implicated in the issue to which you seek a solution, they are very often better out than in. When these aspects of your issue are open to discussion, the likelihood of finding a solution increases exponentially! That said, once trust is established, these things often tend to come up openly and naturally in the discussion. Some details surface as known memories to the client but on other occasions, they arise as a complete surprise. But the details that arise are essentially the product of a collaborative approach by the therapist to assist the client find the cause of their issue. And, onward from that, the solution evolves!