Thom Bush DHP, CHyp, Cert' Anx Mgt and PLR, EFT Level 3 Practitioner

Thom Bush International clinical Hypnotherapist

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Hypnotherapy in Singapore

If you are looking for a solution to an emotional or mental health issue, then I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy!

However, like anything in life, hypnotherapists are not equal and because of that, training and experience really do matter!  I have been in private practice, as a clinical hypnotherapist, for over 20 years and right now I'm one of the oldest and most experienced in Singapore (to view my Qualifications and Training, go here). I treat a wide variety of mental health issues, for example, anger, smoking, confidence, public speaking, fear of flying, phobias, as well as relationships and couples therapy etc. However, I specialise in helping clients with anxiety disorders, chronic stress (distress) and also helping a growing number of people with varying types of depressive disorders. To see the range of treatment conditions, go here

Choosing the type of therapy, and therapist, that is best for you can be challenging to say the least. So, in recognition of that, I provide a Totally Free 1-hour Consultation. During the consultation, we get an opportunity to discuss the area of life that you would like to change, as well as experiencing a demonstration of hypnosis: This is, however, not compulsory but  .  .  . it's there to try if you want? You can book your Free Consultation here - Or if you would like more information about the Free Consultation, you will find that here!

And while most of my work is face to face, in Singapore, I have a growing number of online clients throughout the worldwide via Skype or Zoom. For more information on Online Hypnotherapy, go here

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