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Hypnosis The Key To Your Success!

The subconscious mind is essentially a master communication system within the brain, a collective of neurochemical processing units driving your thoughts, behaviour and life. And while it is the brain that does all the work, what we call the mind, is simply what allows us to have an awareness of the brain's working powers! Consequentially, Hypnosis can be viewed as the enigma deep within us, a myriad of neurochemical transmitters, that allows us to decipher and ultimately unlock our true potential! So, in that sense, it's nice to know that hypnosis helps us change the way our brain works; the mind merely allows us to play a part in the awareness of that process of any change!
The Brain & Mind:  In some way, the essence of life is in learning to effectively self-communicate. Basically, this means that when articulating what you want in life, say happiness, you must have the narrative of it within memory. If you say, I want to be happy, then when someone asks, "what is happiness?" you must have the answer to hand! Effective self-communication becomes essential if you are to have an enduring, successful and happy life! Happiness is thus a state of mind from which we can experience the full array of life's emotions in a more conducive and natural way. So, from mind-body perspective hypnosis can be viewed as the interface between the brain, mind and spirit; it's as natural as breathing' it really is! Hypnosis makes your brain, mind and, ultimately, you work better!

Hypnotherapy: Is the epitome of mental engineering and mind management, it makes life happen in more effective and productive ways. Consequently, it unlocks your inner self; your true self! So don't live an unexplored life, take advantage of my Free Consultation service For convenience you can now book online her

Sight Is Our Most Powerful Sense - Hypnosis Creates Vision

Life - It's All Perception
How we see things, changes perspective! Vision literally influences life, it is the most prolific stimulant of emotion, it creates the imagery behind our thoughts. Vision stimulates and influences emotion, thoughts and behaviour. Hypnosis helps us change our mental imagery! Essentially, it makes life Look Better!

Hypnosis - The Vital Link
Hypnotherapy creates a visual link to memory! Think of it, everything you see, say and do is dependent on memory! Sight is probably the most active of our senses when it comes to memory; that is why imagination is so powerful. The solution to Edison's electric bulb problem came to him in a dream. The most iconic of buildings were first created in the minds of architects! This means that the essence of your life, can be found in your dreams; providing you remember them?

Be Inventive With Your Life!
Don't want to be an inventor or an architect!? But you may want to be the inventor of an effective way of living or the architect of a beautiful life? Hypnotherapy really can make that difference and as a Hypnotherapist with over 21 years and 22,600 hours of experience; you really are in good, professional and experienced hands!

Do You Want To Try Hypnosis?

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With my Free Consultation, you've got everything to gain and nothing to lose; except your problem! The process of therapy is usually a face to face experience but with the recent global pandemic, a growing number of international clients are going online and Skype/Zoom therapy (more info) is fast becoming an effective alternative method of delivery! 

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I Have Heard That Hypnotherapy Is Expensive, Can I afford It?
Actually, it is not easy to evaluate the cost of hypnotherapy, in relation to its benefits; how do you evaluate the cost of anxiety, depression, not being able to speak up in meetings etc? In that context, hypnotherapy is very affordable and nowhere near as expensive as the problem it's causing you! Also, because payment can be made by credit card; this means you can spread the cost over a more manageable time frame and there's a big discount for multiple session deals too!
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