What can you treat with hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy conditons treated

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Below is a list of some conditions that can be treated with hypnotherapy, although there are many more. In fact, there are very few conditions that it can't help, in some way or other, if only to lessen any worry, anxiety or other malaise that accompanies them. If you cannot see a condition that aptly describes what you are concerned with, please get in touch and I will do all I can to address your concerns. Contact details are at the bottom of the last page and you can book an appointment to schedule a Free Consultation, right here!

Alcohol & Drugs 


Confidence Building

Anger Management



Anxiety Management


Eating Disorders

Emotional Issues



Emotional Wellbeing



Fear of Flying


IBS & Colitis



Past Life Regression



Phobias & Fears

Pain Management


Public Speaking

Relationship Issues


Stress Management

Relaxation Techniques


Weight Management

 Stop Smoking


Children's Issues