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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Because Life Wasn't Meant to Suck!

Life and living is a complicated process and every now and then the wheels fall off the trolley and when they do, life sucks! It could be too much stress or anxiety or maybe you are feeling depressed? Also conditions like low confidence, esteem or bad habits, like smoking, alcohol, drugs or something like biting your nails. Just as easily it could be a personality disorder or a relationship issue; there are so many conditions that hypnotherapy can treat! Maybe that's because, no matter what the problem is, there's a common link between all of our issues, your brain! Hypnotherapy can help you get back on track or even better than that. And often, in comparison to other types of therapy; it usually happens quite quickly too!

This is because hypnosis works at the same level in the brain where these issues are created, stored and enacted; it's called memory! Memories are akin to algorithmic shortcuts that enable us to make quick responses to life. Every time you sit down for dinner, memories allow you to choose the right utensil and how to eat it, e.g. sup soup or chew meat. And if you have a fear of flying, memories are what make you anxious when you book a flight! In fact, most of life's challenges, in one way or another, are a result of how our memories and genes express themselves. Hypnotherapy, very efficiently, allows us to change the way these memories work; thus allowing life to be a more pleasant experience! To make an appointment for a Free Consultation, please go - hereOr explore my services and practice information from the many links on this page!

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 Hypnotherapy  ––  A World Full of Hope

You may ask, why do I need Hypnotherapy? Well, for starters, it can make a bad life good again and why stop there? Because once you have made a bad life a good one, you can then go on to make a good life great!

Hypnotherapy really can put you out in front. You will learn to manage your emotions, direct the focus of your mind towards delivering the life experience that you want and . . . . . . . . . . . achieve true success in life. Life success is so much more than financial success (the usual barometer of success). It actually means you'll achieve true happiness, good relationships (especially with yourself), move towards the career you want. And if that isn't enough, you will very likely have a solid social network and great friends. You really will feel like your presence here on earth; makes a difference! And the chances are you will make more money too!; that's being successful!

I am so confident of this statement that I offer a Free 1-hour Consultation (value $200.00). Apart from an introduction and a brief discussion on the issue of concern, you can also experience what hypnosis is and what it feels like. From there you are in a much better position to evaluate the prospects of whether hypnotherapy can help you to resolve your life-limiting issues!

So, you can take a look at the various options for treatment (above) or make that appointment for a Free Consultation right here

Corporate Workshops  ––  Private Consultations

For information about Corporate Workshops on Life Management  . . . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Corporate Work These days you can do a great service to those people who you employ who wish to be Life Effective. That is why I have put together a Corporate Life Management Package. For more details 

Private Consultations, I provide one to one sessions in comfort and privacy. This allows you to experience the power of hypnosis and an in-depth discussion of your particular issue, be it emotional, psychological or mental, Hypnotherapy can generally help. It can also help with habits, like smoking, nail-biting, alcohol, bedwetting etc.


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