Erasing memories with hypnotherapy

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Can hypnotherapy help me to forget?

It is becoming more common for people to ask, "can you help me forget someone?" And while that is practically possible, I am not at all sure if it's the best or even the right way to deal with emotional issues? Naturally, I will explain why I believe this below. But before I do so, another question I am asked is, can you erase memories? As far as I am aware, the only ways in which memories get erased are through certain processes. Such as natural neurological cell attrition, pharmacological interventions, exposure therapy (although it is debatable whether this equates to erasure or repression)? Also, neuroscientific, or other, interventions, e.g. ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) optogenetics, gene manipulation. Or maybe as a consequence of long term depression, which not specifically connected to clinical depression. Long term depression (LTD) is the opposite of long term potentiation (LTP) a brain process that is involved in the strengthening of neural connections, aka memory formation. Essentially, LTD occurs when, potentially, there is insufficient interest/benefit for long term storage (as in, it's just not important enough or something better has emerged). Also, erasure may occur as a consequence of damage to certain brain areas, e.g. the result of an accident, disease, stroke or maybe brain surgery.
Later in life things like Alzheimer's, dementia or cognitive decline can make us forget too. But I haven't read anything conclusive (in the early/intermediate stages), suggesting they erase memories, per se, as opposed to interfering with the process of recalling them? The best way to describe the early stages of dementia etc. is, that the brain loses its ability to form new memories. So, contextually, it's not that they forgot what they had for breakfast, they just never made the memory of it in short term memory (the precursor to long term memory). This is believed to be a consequence of the dysregulation of tau proteins within the nucleus/nucleoli of cells (intracellular proteins involved in cell division - replication/transcription/translation). As well as amyloid-beta (Aß) plaque, which derives from processes in the entorhinal cortex/dentate gyrus of the hippocampus. A primary function of non-cellular tau is to negatively regulate long term memory and facilitate habituation (a form of unlearning). While this article is not specifically about dementia per se, it is worth mentioning because dementia is a pathology of what clients are asking me to do for them; i.e., erase memories! Be careful what you ask for . . .
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