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Hypnotherapy, changing lives from the inside out!

Surprisingly, it's quite rare for a prospective client to actually know what hypnosis-therapy is! So it is useful to them when I explain what it is. It is even more useful though, for them to experience it and providing them with that experience is the primary objective of my Free Consultation! So, what is Hypnosis-therapy? Hypnotherapy is a specific type of talk therapy, that consists of two fundamental parts.

Part 1: Is conducted at the conscious level and is where primary therapeutic interventions are presented, both consciously and subconsciously.

Part 2: Occurs exclusively at the subconscious level, while the client is in a so-called state referred to as trance! Once again therapeutic interventions are delivered directly to the client's brain, via the primary, secondary and associated auditory cortices (aka the subconscious mind).

These hypnotic trance states are very similar, in terms of neural oscillations (brainwaves), to sleep states. This is important because it is in sleep states that the brain consolidates memories and learning from various stages of memory into long term memory. At the level of the brain and individual cells, this process is facilitated by what is known as long term potentiation. So, in that context, hypnosis works in ways that mirror the way our brain normally functions.

However, the best way to understand hypnosis is to try it! That is why I provide a Free 1hr Consultation, I provide a Free 1 hr Consultation (you can book that here), that way, we get to meet, discuss your concerns and . . . try a demonstration of hypnosis; feeling is believing!