With Hypnosis History Doesn't Have To Repeat Itself!

Have you ever had a day off and found yourself driving to work?

Sometimes we do things without thinking, in those moments our brain has taken over and driving is one of those things, where well-practised routes are travelled automatically; smoking is another!

Will tomorrow be a repeat of today?

The answer is; maybe. However, the real choice and determining factor is within yourself.

We are creatures of habit and the neural bonds of any habit can be difficult or easy to break. All that is needed is a more empowering reason. Donald Hebb, a psychologist from the mid-20th century, created the mantra, “cells that fire together, wire together”. Hebb believed that the repetitive nature of neural transmission created strong and often unbreakable behaviours. Although widely rebuked at the time; his words have long been accepted by the neuroscience community.

Scientifically a theory known as Hebbian plasticity. Hebb's work is now the essence of classical or instrumental conditioning (Pavlovian conditioning).

Essentially we will willingly do that which has been done before. For example, think of how easy it is, as a driver, to drive a car. Yet when you were learning, it took weeks or months to master. Nowadays you don’t even have to think about it, you just do it intuitively!

What this means is, that "YOU" have the ability to make choices about how tomorrow plays out. Of course, providing you choose to begin to live life mindfully. If you can do this, you begin to go through life as the manager of your mind. If not, you will be at the mercy of your brain! So, which direction will you choose? Are you going to think your way into a difficult life, one full of uncertainty and doubt? Or, are you going to cruise through life as a consequence of being a mindful thinker?

Now, let's be clear, mindful thinking is not always an easy or natural occurrence; it goes against the very fabric of society. How often do you hear positive, empowering and motivational talk? When was the last time you heard a succession of good news on the radio, TV or in the newspapers? The facts seem to indicate that bad news is of more interest to us! A result of what can only be described as, a psychologically, negatively influenced society! However, given the proper time and exposure, we can develop a positive mindset. We can learn to think in clear and unambiguous ways that can become as natural as breathing; it really can! All you have to do is learn, through hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis, how to make use of your mind. From there, making conscious decisions and choices that become positive subconscious behaviours, become your new habits. And I build in strategies during hypnosis that will help you do just that!

As a clinical hypnotherapist, with over 22 years and 24.000 hours of client experience, I have developed an easy-to-learn programme for creating mindful thinking. This involves a solid understanding of how the brain functions. Leading to the restructuring of negative self-talk and the creation of a positive perception of self (an effective identity of self).

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