It's What You Don't Know That Matters!!

You know smoking is bad for you, yet you still smoke, why?

Obviously, if you know it's bad and still, smoke, then, clearly, there must be something you do not know; hypnotherapy helps you discover the answer?

The brain controls everything - Period!

The brain and, what is referred to as the mind are two parts of one seeming whole and when combined with the body they form what is known as the mind/body system. Neuroscience has proven that brain function stimulates the nebulous structure called the mind, through our emotional and cognitive systems. The brain itself reaches out to every part of our body via our nervous and circulatory systems. Therefore, a holistic approach to living can induce a state of mindfulness that enhances all of our mind/body healing systems. Meaning that we can and do think our way to un-wellness or wellness! Evidence to support the former is provided by the prevalence of psychosomatic illness; that which is mental in origin but physical in nature. Doctors believe that upwards of 75% of all illness and disease is psychosomatic in nature.

If we can think ourselves into a state of un-wellness, then we can also think ourselves into a state of wellness. The former is a subconscious consequence of brain function or activity that we have no conscious awareness of; although we're aware of the outcome of that neural processing. On the other hand, positive mental processing is, initially, a very conscious activity; we use conscious processing to influence a feeling and state of mental wellness. As mentioned, this is transmitted to every part of our body through our nervous and circulatory systems. Now, this doesn't impinge on the value or efficacy of scientific medicine, it's merely an alternative/adjunct to or continuum of such scientific medicine. Perhaps one that provides answers where science cannot?

One of the most effective ways to achieve this mind-based wellness is through the use of hypnosis. This is a method of communicating with our subconscious, that alters our inner awareness, that leads to a change in neural processing. Simply, this means, that when we think we can begin to feel good, it can actually feel good! The awareness of this good feeling comes from our ability to articulate the feelings of emotion into a positive language form. The feelings of emotion directly relate to the chemical soup created by the brain's pharmacy and its various networks and regions that are affected by our brain.

The immense power of the mind can heal all forms of illness and disease, in one case all traces of pancreatic cancer disappeared! In fact, all forms of medical conditions have been reversed by the use of mindfulness-based approaches. However, this does not equate to all instances of all conditions, or in all cases. There is, apparently, some unknown factor that lays deep within individuals that creates healing in one yet not in another. The key factor, however, is, that it has happened to many people, under differing circumstances, over many hundreds of years. Mind, therefore, has been a healing machine for many years and will continue to be so for many years to come. (read more). All we need to learn is how to harness and use its immense power!

From a religious perspective, faith is an ability of the mind, that allows us to believe in that which has, so far, not been proven to be tangible. Many miraculous healings have come through faith and in many other cases, it has not. When it works the power of God's finished work is applauded. When it doesn't, the depth or quality of one's faith is brought into question! But what is faith? It is a belief system and belief is the tool of the mind. The extent to which we can truly and unequivocally place faith and belief in one specific direction, for one specific purpose eventually dictates the outcome!

The mind is the power of God from within; it is a gift, a birthright, a given that comes to universal beings! Traditionally religion seeks a connection with God from without, usually in the form of prayer. Prayer, simply put, is the recitation of faith through one's own internal dialogue or that of another. Faith inherently connects to our inner dialogue, via the auditory cortex, and stimulates the brain/mind union, seeking to deliver an internal solution, satisfying the prayer objective! Therefore, perhaps, we should be seeking the essence of God from within, rather than from without? In doing so, we are connecting with the immense power of God's mind through our own? We are of him, from him and within him as he is in us!

Science can be seen as the ability to prove something through repetition. However, it's not necessarily the denial of something, that as of yet, cannot be proven or fully understood. An example could be seen in the beliefs of quantum physics, prior to it being accepted over Newtonian physics! Similarly, we cannot deny God because he can't be scientifically proven! Also, for the most part, it seemingly brings about more good than not!


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