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Stress-Busting Tips - Just For You!

Stress Tips to Make Life Easier and a little less stressful

1    Make deep Diaphragmatic breathing part of your everyday stress management routine more info
2    Do some moderate exercise, it boosts immune function. Do it regularly, at least 3 or 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes (or 3 lots of 10 to 15mins). Brisk walking is ideal and can be fun too

3    Listen to soft relaxing music and let your mind drift to pleasant thoughts. Loving or meaningful pictures can also help to pleasantly relax your mind; carry one or two with you!

4    Eat healthily. Eating more natural, unprocessed, fresh food is good for you. Eat lean meat or fish, dark green vegetables and fruit high in antioxidants, e.g. an apple a day keeps the Dr. away! Moderation is key

5    Eat 1oz (25 grams) of dark chocolate daily, this can help to reduce blood pressure and help to prevent heart disease

6    Despite and counter-argument, it is believed that coffee has health benefits. While some say it is a stimulant and raises blood pressure, its beneficial effects outweigh any risks involved more info

7    Spoil yourself, go for a soft tissue massage at least once a month. This stimulates oxytocin; one of our love/bonding chemicals

8    Work on building good relationships. If you love or like someone, the value of that love is in the experience of it; not the knowledge of it. When we feel love, it is a chemically driven response within our brain and one which helps to regulate stress and anxiety

9    Avoid stimulants, mood and mind-altering drugs. Whilst these appear to alleviate stress, long term they actually increase it; and they’re not good for You either!
10  Take up a stress-busting hobby or activity, e.g. dancing, chess, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi etc. Also engage in brain-stimulating games, crosswords, sudoku etc. to keep the white and grey matter active!

11  Learn to discover your inner self and develop a good loving relationship with yourself; at the end of the day, it all starts and ends with you. So learn to love and accept yourself. We are not perfect; fortunately, we don’t have to be!

12  Increase your love meter. Simply that means making a list of the things you love to experience; then experiencing them. If you love your family, do things that make you feel that love, if you love music, listen to it, if you love the outdoors; go there, etc.

The value we get from love is from the bodily experience of it. More important than that is this. The bodily experience of love comes when a certain number of cells and networks are flooded with specific neurotransmitters and it is the most health-promoting of all our chemicals. Herbert Benson MD says, "love regulates stress, stress regulates everything else"!


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