Training & Qualifications

Thom Bush Clinical Hypnotherapist, at your service

Diploma Hypno-Psychotherapy, Certified Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, Level 3, Cert' Anxiety Mang't. Cert' PLR.

Clarity of mind and thought are central to a good emotional life. It is because of that, that part of my work focuses on the quality of the language each client uses; both internal and external. The quality of one's language is defined by its proclivity, habitual tendency, towards negativity, vagueness and or wrong context. In a general sense, when language is well formed, precise and positive, one's emotional experience of life is usually better too!

For myself, I feel my most valuable qualification is my life experience. I started my own journey through therapy in 1993. and have experienced the full force of life's lessons, it gives one a valuable platform from which to help others! Additionally, I ran my own furniture manufacturing business for over 20 years and of all the things I learned, the most powerful was how enduring we humans are in the face of adversity.

Sometimes all we lack is the ability to discover that resource which lies within each of us. This, I believe, is where therapy can help. The art of therapy is in helping the client access those inner resources which enable them to overcome the most extreme difficulty.  My job as a therapist is to use my training and life experience to assist the client to bring about the process of healing, be it physical, emotional or mental, in which profound change can happen.

In a very real sense, my professional training taught me how to organize my life experience in a way that allows me to feel and empathize with the client's experience of life! That is not to say that I know how they feel, because each person's feeling is a subjective matter, but it allows the client to feel heard. Sometimes it is just the knowledge that someone cares, that they are not being judged, that starts the process of healing! In short, it allows the client to feel validated.

It is also a truth that being a therapist exposes one to a greater awareness of the many ways in which life can imprint its effect on the human spirit. It is the way in which we use the healing methods of others, be it a client or therapist, that become the example(s) that assist the client to overcome their difficulty. A common thread in a clients experience is that they feel their situation is somehow unique; which in a way it is. But the important point is that it is rarely totally unique! I guess that is why biographies are so powerful in their ability to help others achieve the seemingly impossible. The journey of therapy is one in which the therapist and client explore together and it is the nature, as well as nurture, of this relationship and journey that make the destination (Goals of Therapy) so ultimately achievable.

I have been in private practice for over 18 years now and have over 15,800 hours client experience. It is the totality of life and therapeutic experience that I bring to my practice here in Singapore. It is also my desire to assist clients to achieve their desired outcome for therapy and life.

Training Qualifications

  • Certificate Ericksonian Hypnosis 2000  My first qualification in Hypnosis, earned from The NLP ACADEMY UK in 2000


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