How to help someone with depression

help with depression

Are you looking for help in overcoming depression? Then hypnotherapy could just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Overcoming depression can be very challenging and you may have tried many times to do so by using hypnotherapy & psychotherapy is very effective and results can often occur quite quickly too. However, it does depend on the duration, severity and type of depression you have. That is why I provide a Free Consultation, during which we can discuss your particular case and then, with your consent, you can experience hypnosis and from that, you will likely have a better feel for whether hypnotherapy is right for you. 

Thom Bush, is a UK trained clinical psycho-hypnotherapist as well as a US, National Guild of Hypnotists, certified hypnotist. He is also a specialist in treating depression, be it in Singapore or anywhere else come to that!

It may help to give you a little more information about hypnotherapy and how it can help in treating depression. While many people can experience hypnosis, we all experience it differently and that is one of the purposes of my free consultation so that you can properly evaluate your experience. One of the challenges for people with depression, is that life is on a low ebb, things that should be relatively easy, pleasant or enjoyable, just aren’t, life just doesn’t feel good. That is why I go to great lengths to explain what is happening in your brain, this actually helps to depersonalise the condition, which can be helpful as many people think it is them. Essentially we separate the person from the condition and by focusing on the person, we can bring about, through hypnosis, the changes necessary to reestablish normal functioning.

By the same token, I don’t want to make this sound simple or trivialise the condition because, when you get right down to it, depression is a real life changer and it's very often really difficult for others to live with too, but it is not necessarily difficult to treat!

Above all other questions, the one most on your mind, is, can Hypnotherapy help ‘me?’ The answer is yes and I have dedicated much of my therapeutic life towards helping clients live a better life; free of depression! In fact treatment for depression has success rates of around 80 to 90% in many cases. If you are on medication and see all treatment regimes as either, this or that. It may surprise you to know that a combined approach, using medication and therapy, has, historically, also been very effective. The medication can keep you stabilised while the therapeutic intervention takes its magical effect! Although I am not implying hypnosis is magic, merely, that is the way many clients have expressed their thoughts about the treatment's success!

As I indicated at the beginning, the causes of depression are many and varied, for example, it can be genetic, environmental, biological and/or psychological Read more about the causes of depression here. The above factors somehow affect parts of our brain's architecture and cause them to be either hyper (long term potentiation) or hypo-active (long term depression (not relative to the depression itself)). Essentially it is the existence of an imbalance in our brain's chemical make up (neurotransmission) that is believed to be a cause of much depression! Treatment can be psychological or by medication or both (one doesn't preclude the other).

Also, depression can co-exist with other disorders, e.g. anxiety disorders; or can even be confused with physical disorders, such as hypothyroidism. Major illness can be a cause or precursor of depression and vice versa and very often depression coexists in tandem with anxiety or stress. These factors can often slow down or impair recovery rates. Other factors like the loss of your job, home or fortune, or maybe the loss a loved one, be it through death or the break up of a loving relationship can also lead to depression. Under these circumstances, it is quite normal to feel sad, blue or depressed. It is when the depression goes on for a long time that we need to become concerned. Very often the person with depression does not realise they are suffering or even if they do, they may not seek help. That is why loved ones or friends can play an important role in getting someone with depression into treatment.

So it is always wise to be mindful, as a person, a relative or a friend. Making time to visit your GP, for yourself or someone you care for, to discuss the matter in depth and onward to that, to get a proper diagnosis! 

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