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Certified Regression Therapist UK

Who hasn't had a feeling of Deja Vu? The somewhat arcane belief that we may have been here before is something upon which many ponder. It is also something that I believe in, both empirically, mentally and spiritually. With a thirst for more knowledge and greater understanding in this field I set out to satisfy and explore my beliefs and I am very glad I did! In making the decision to get properly qualified in this field I decided to study with Shaun Brookhouse and Fiona Biddle, founders of the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts, and subsequently acquired a Specialist Certification in Past Life Regression. This powerful and dynamic understanding of Universal humanness was like a gift from The UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts. Earned 2008

Certified Hypnotherapist USA

In recognition of my UK training and qualification, in 2006 I was awarded the Prestigious Certificate of Hypnosis (CH) by The National Guild of Hypnotists, the Guild is the oldest, most respected and the largest Hypnotherapy  Organisation in the USA. But training is just part of my journey. What really counts is what you do with that training! Ever since I started work as a Hypnotherapist, I have continuously sought to upgrade my knowledge and skills. Most of which was to discover more about the brain and mind because therein lays the mystery of life!  My Certificate in Hypnosis was awarded in 2006.

Certified Anxiety Specialist

To help people with anxiety and depressive disorders has grown into a passion over the past 18 years. In 2008 I decided to formalise my interest in this area of human suffering and completed a Certification course in Anxiety Management, Through further research and continuous learning, I have developed  a unique mind led programme to help clients rewire the way their brain responds to life's erroneous signals. Anxiety is the anticipation of danger, death or challenging circumstances. Your mind and brain made you anxious and it is your mind that will set you free! Certification awarded by The UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts. Earned 2008

Diploma Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Following a successful start in private practice from my first hypnotherapy qualification. I decided to enhance my skills and took the plunge into a 500-hour Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. This was earned from the renowned training academy, Centre Training International School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. The school was later sold on to the Awaken School (Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy). However, the  Founder of "Centre Training International School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy," Sue Washington; is still a pioneer in modern day Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. I earned my Diploma at CTISHP in 2003


EFT Practitioner EFTTA UK Level 3

In addition to my main therapy type (hypnotherapy), I decided to study EFT (emotional freedom techniques) as an additional modality to enhance my practice, I studied under Judy Byrne, an EFT Master Practitioner, who was herself trained by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. I completed my Practitioners Certificate, Level 3, in the UK prior to coming to Singapore. I was trained at Regents College UK, the largest independent University in the UK. I was trained under the tutelage of the prestigious EFT Training Academy UK earned in 2006 (Note, as of July 2017 EFTTA has ceased training, their contact email is available)

Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis

My first formal qualification in Hypnosis was earned from The NLP ACADEMY UK in 2000

Having studied Hypnosis for many years, I decided to take my first steps towards becoming a hypnotherapist. My initial training was in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy at the prestigious NLP Academy.

The founder, Michael Carroll, who is a legend in the NLP community, provided me with an invaluable insight into the fascinating world of Hypnosis and a solid grounding in what was to become my vocation for the past 18 plus years.