Thom Bush DHP, CHyp, Cert' - Anx Mgt, PLR, EFT

Thom Bush International clinical Hypnotherapist

Experiential Hypnotherapy

The study of human behaviour and psychology has been at the forefront of my life and work for over 35 years. Now with over 18 years experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and over 15,300 client hours experience; you are in good hands! I deliver hypnotherapy in a way that makes life work better, for you and those around you! With a Free Consultation and hypnosis experience, you have nothing to lose; except your problem!

My Mission

I see my mission as the reaching of a predetermined set of objectives; the natural consequence of a clarity of mind and purpose! The pursuit of real understanding and appreciation of the needs and wants of each client and to then set in motion a course of action towards reaching those goals.

To that end, I promise you, the client, a total commitment of my time, experience and full care and concern for your welfare whilst we work together and beyond. The basic tenets of my therapy and life are:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Diligence
  • Appreciation
  • Integrity

In addition to all that I promise you, I promise myself the time to enjoy my family, my work and my life. For if I cannot deliver the pursuit of success, happiness and true love for myself, I  feel I am unqualified to do the same for you!

Very few of us are born with perfect circumstances, therefore it is our duty to pursue those attributes that define, for us, true success and happiness in life. Thus, when we look back on where we started from, to where we are or end up, we can truly see and hopefully understand the growth and fulfillment of our ambitions, achievements and successes in the pursuit of a higher calling in our spiritual progression!