Certified Anxiety Specialist

My desire to help people with anxiety and depressive disorders has grown into a passion over the past 20 years. So in 2008 I decided to formalise my interest in this area of human suffering and completed a Certification course in Anxiety Management. I now realise that this was the beginning of a long and fascinating journey! Simply because, the more you delve into the source of anxiety, the more you discover of the unfathomable magic of the human brain. So, through thousands of hours of further research and continuous learning, I have developed a unique brain-based programme. A programme that helps clients rewire the way their brain responds to life's erroneous signals. Anxiety is essentially the anticipation, not presence, of danger, death or challenging circumstances. Your brain, via sensory stimulus and memories, makes you anxious and it is your brain that will set you free! My Certification was awarded by The UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and earned 2008