Specialist Treatment For Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Thom Bush Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy, effective for life's most challenging conditions!

Principally hypnosis achieves greater states of emotional balance and wellness, that then lead to a higher sense of being!

While this page is primarily about my specialisations, I feel there is a need to set out where I came from, how I got here and how I use all of the information and experience I have garnered to assist my clients in finding peace from within! And while we are all, from an existentialistic viewpoint, similar, it is in how we translate our existence into the essence of life, that ultimately defines meaning! Thus the purpose, or at least a purpose, of therapy, is in how it can add value to one's life and when you do that, you can potentially add value to almost all the people that you engage with. There is something resplendently beautiful about being in the presence of calm, centred and loving people and therein lays the rub because what is love?

From a therapeutic perspective, I see love as a neurochemical experience that allows pleasant feelings to pervade the whole of one's awareness? In life, there are certain experiences that profoundly affect and influence the awareness of the presence of this neurochemical phenomena. For example, opioid/mind-altering drugs, alcohol, cigarettes (to a lesser extent), sex and of course, romantic love. These substances and experiences all bring about exaggerated and heightened feelings of pleasure, essentially, the brain is having an induced euphoric chemical experience, probably in the presence of such brain chemicals, like dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, oxytocin, vasopressin etc. In essence, the brain experiences a cocktail of neurochemical Nirvana that elicit varying outcomes and the more pleasant the outcome is perceived, the more likely it is that it will create a memory that seeks repetition; an addiction so to speak! So, the emotional experience we all, and I mean all, crave, is the experience we have come to know as "Love!" But there is also a low-level love experience that occurs, i.e. when we are in relatively neutral territory, a consequence of being in the parasympathetic nervous system/relaxation response. The PNS system helps us to maintain wellness as well as assisting growth and cellular reproduction on track! However, in one way or another, it is the presence or absence of this neurochemical love experience that drives much of our psychology and our pathology . . . 

So why and how did I decide to focus on the most pervasive conditions that affect the quality of our lives? Simply because prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, I walked along the very same pathway of self-destructing habits and behaviours myself. But I also tried several other types of therapy and whether it was hypnotherapy alone or in conjunction with those other therapies, I do not know but what I do know is that following my hypnotherapy treatment, life began to become better! So, it is fair to say that I have some first-hand experience of how anxiety, stress and depression can blight your life. And it was because of my own therapeutic journey that I developed a passion to help others learn how to transform their lives. Hypnotherapy helps clients to live more productively, and, with a better sense of the inner calm and peace that is a prerequisite for a happy and fulfilling life. That makes Trans4mational Therapy's hypnotherapy services in Singapore, the perfect choice to get your life on track and keep it there!

If you are considering some form of therapy, it may be helpful to know, that from a therapeutic perspective, life is viewed as a work in progress, in part because, with all the advances in technology, social media, better research and, generally speaking, more concern and understanding about our health, it's rather surprising that the incidences of mental health problems are rising exponentially. Equally surprising, is that it's seemingly a bigger problem in the most developed and better-informed societies throughout the world? So, we may ask ourselves, what is the solution, is there a solution? Well, in a broader sense, we just do not know and it doesn't look like we'll be rolling back the clock anytime soon or letting go of our everyday favourite devices and platforms, the very ones that supposedly organise and coordinate our lives! Fortunately, we don't have to contemplate such extremes, we just need to learn how to better use the most powerful device, with the organisational prowess that AI is predicated upon; our brain! 

However, in order to do that, we surely need the most powerful, natural and holistic brain editing platform there is; it's called hypnosis! Our brain is a unique environmental and sensory processing device but, we are only human and because of our emotions, be it empathy and compassion or greed and malice, we seem doomed, if only collectively as humans, to fail. Hypnotherapy can help us individually to reverse the trend and bring our mind back to a more peaceful state and from there, we can slowly begin to flourish! Our brain is a highly efficient self-regulating, self-healing neurochemical processor but the way our life often unfolds, with its many twists and turns, doesn't always facilitate, in the best ways possible, how we respond to modern life. Occasionally life can be overwhelming and often appears to detach us further and further from our emotions, as in, the physical feeling side of life. Ask people how they feel and most likely they'll give you the narrative of their thoughts. My hypnotherapy service will help you to reconnect with the way you feel, not think. This is important for you to know because we are primarily emotional beings, feelings first, thoughts second. This is not to say that thoughts do not matter, of course, they do, it's merely to say that principally, emotion precedes thought and emotional memory most often circumvents the cognitive processes of reason and logic! This is important information because our consciousness-awareness dictates that we use logical reasoning to make life decisions. The problem, though, is when we have a mental disorder our, subconscious, brain's processes are more illogical than logical!

The primordial defensive mechanisms of the brain developed over thousands, if not millions, of years and while, in one sense life was infinitely more dangerous, it was also much more simple, less complex back then! So how did these mental health conditions escalate to their current states? It seems that these days we are more and more being bombarded with bad news, be it airline disasters, wars, natural disasters or human tragedy. So, it's no wonder that it's now so easy to take your eye off the ball; the real purpose of life! In the days when most people were illiterate, there just weren't any lines and consequently nothing to read in between them! These days, the more intellectual and educated we become, the more lines we create and the vague and ambiguous way we use language is at the core of how many of our maladies manifest. This epitomises anxiety disorders because we read things between lines that really aren't there and we create a perception of danger that is just not real. However, if the brain believes it is real; it responds to the threat of danger as if it were! The dream of falling is the perfect example, a real fear experience of a total fantasy! 

In my Hypnotherapy practice, I aim to make you mindful of the importance of your life and its relationship with the world around you. Of course, the world would be a better place if there were more compassion, love and caring and, perhaps, an excellent way to make this happen is if we each take personal responsibility for doing our part? Imagine the collective force of like-minded people and how that could ripple around the world? But before we fix the world we need to start with our own self. Real-life happiness is not the absence of anxiety etc. but rather it is the presence of harmony, balance and inner peace. Once we achieve that, then we can move to the world outside of the self, e.g. your family, friends, society, country. In essence, you will become a value-adding citizen of the world you live in; and, also create real value to your own experience of life in the process!

My Hypnotherapy service helps you create a real sense of emotional balance and inner peace. For it is when we have a real sense of inner balance that there is little or no conflict within us and where there is no conflict; there is inner peace. So, the focus of my work is not so much the removal of anxiety, stress and depression but rather the creation of emotional balance and inner peace. When you achieve that it is harder to experience the unwanted symptoms of unnecessary anxiety, stress or depression (unnecessary, as in, no real danger exists). Of course within any person's anxiety etc. is their story, the cause, so to speak, of their suffering. The creation of emotional wellness effectively helps you deal with the cause of the problem; remove the cause, remove the problem; no problem means no symptoms! To that end, I have been providing a cure for anxiety, stress and depressive related conditions for many years now. Trans4mational Therapy, provides effective and real solutions to real-life issues for real people; so why not YOU?

Effective Treatment for Real Life Issues

Thom Bush DHP, CH, EFT, Cert Anxiety Management, Cert PLR (past life regression)

I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and have been studying human psychology and behaviour for almost 22 years and the field of personal development since 1982. I have a particular fascination and interest in the study of the human brain and mind and how they affect the way we live and experience life! This fascination plays an integral part in my therapeutic approach in the treatment of depression, stress and anxiety-related disorders. This is because in one way or another the brain and mind as a unit are the expressions of life itself. It is ultimately our innate ability to manage these neural processes that make these conditions so responsive to therapeutic treatment and also what can make life a joy and success a destination!

I have now been in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist for over 19 years, 12 of those in Singapore, and I currently have over 18,800 hours of client therapy experience. My life and work as a therapist in the UK eventually led me to specialize in anxiety and stress-related disorders and this has become the focus of my work here in Singapore too.

Life is a process of trial, error and experimentation and the things we think of as failures are just as much a part of the process as are the successes. They give us the essential element of life we call experience. Therapy then becomes the pivotal link between these strange bedfellows (failure and success), that ultimately leads us to a process of effective life management! It's not about changing the past; just finding a more holistic and useful way to express it? The ultimate goal is becoming mindful, living in the moment, creating a better memory of now, helps to have better memories of today, tomorrow. For sure the rest of your life is in front of you but living a better life today, means you have better memories to look forward to and that, ultimately, means tomorrow is better! Towards the success of that aim, it is my goal is to help you do just that; and in the process, to embrace each day as it unfolds!

Panic attacks


Generalized Anxiety

Social anxiety


Social anxiety

Trauma & cumulative trauma


PTSD (post & pre traumatic stress disorder)

Stress and related issues


OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)



Low confidence, self-esteem etc.











Professional Memberships, Training & Qualifications

APHP (Association of Professional Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy) more

NRPC (National Register for Psychotherapists & Counselors) more

AMMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) more



Ericksonian Hypnosis My first qualification in Hypnosis, earned from the NLP ACADEMY UK in 2000

Diploma Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy UK, a 500 Hour Diploma earned from Centre Training International School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 2003 - 2004 (Now the Awaken School)

Certified Hypnotherapist USA Awarded by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest  & largest Hypnotherapy  Organization in the USA. Earned 2006

Certified Anxiety Specialist UK A Certificate in Anxiety Management awarded by the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts; earned 2008

Certified Regression Therapist UK  A Certificate in Past Life Regression awarded by the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts; earned 2008

EFT Practitioner EFTTA UK Level 3  A Practitioners Certificate, Level 3, earned from the EFT Training Academy UK earned in 2006

Effective Therapy allows a client to function normally, whilst still experiencing the turbulence that so often encompasses everyday life.

Trans4mational Therapy is a style of therapy that I have developed over the last several years. Since there is no one therapy that suits all clients, I discovered a mixed approach to be more effective in allowing clients to integrate the experience of therapy into their everyday life.

My Philosophy: It is our innate ability as humans to ride life's ebb and flow and is what, ultimately, makes it so fascinating. It is, without a doubt, the adversity of life that allows us to grow, physically, mentally and spiritually, and, reach our higher potential. However, the ability to learn effectively from the adversity of life can be quite a complex and difficult challenge!

My philosophical beliefs and life principles are the fundamental building blocks that guide me through life’s challenges and, therefore, strongly underpin my training as a counsellor and therapist. These beliefs and principles are:

·       Honesty

·       Integrity

·       Discretion

·       Propriety

·       Love

·       Empathy and Compassion

·       Fairness (to all, including oneself)

·       Conviction

·       Kindness to all living things (without detriment to my own safety)

·       Care and concern for our planet, for we must pass it on to the next generation


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