Question 1. What is Hypnotherapy?

Explaining Hypnotherapy: 

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a medium to introduce therapeutic interventions. In some sense, it is the combination of hypnotism and psychotherapy, which is also known as a talk therapy but one in which the client enters an altered state; referred to as a trance. There are various levels of trance that occur daily at varying levels and are most usually safe. Most usually because daydreaming (aka as absent-mindedness) can pose questions as to one's safety! While these varying trance states are a natural daily occurrence, they are involuntary; we just go into and out of them. Hypnosis-therapy, on the other hand, is different and, in the clinical setting, occurs when a client voluntarily enters a natural but deeper state of trance, one which is akin to that of nighttime sleep. The purpose of this is to elicit structured psychological change and it is in this altered state of mind, that the therapeutic intervention happens. To find out more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, please click here!

For the most part, there are two essential components necessary for hypnotic-therapy (hypnotherapy) to be effective, they are, expectation and belief. And most often this expectation and belief come from the client themselves. Sometimes, however,  preconceived ideas, anxieties or skepticism can interfere with the induction process. If this does happen, my skill, training and professionalism will assist you to overcome these hurdles. There will be no attempt to coerce, merely an open discussion where all of your concerns, etc. will be addressed. Hypnotherapy, as a process, is highly effective, progressive and each successive session builds on the last; a little like life really; "practice, makes perfect."