Thom Bush DHP, CHyp, Cert' Anx Mgt and PLR, EFT Level 3 Practitioner

Thom Bush International clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy in Singapore

Thom Bush has been a clinical hypnotherapist for over 20 years and is one of the oldest and most experienced in Singapore. He treats a wide variety of conditions, like anger, smoking, confidence, public speaking, fear of flying, phobias, as well as relationships and couples therapy etc. However, his forte is in helping people with anxiety disorders, chronic stress (distress) and also helping a growing number of people with varying types of depressive disorders. And while most of his work is face to face, here in Singapore, he also helps a growing number of clients worldwide via Skype or Zoom.

Over those 20 years, Thom developed a unique style, first in the UK and then honed and polished in Singapore. This international experience has given him an opportunity to work with clients from many different cultures and backgrounds. Naturally, this adds a rich mix of human psychology and personalities to his growing experience! And while the human brain is almost anatomically identical, it's the way that family, society and experience mould and wire it, that makes it both challenging and fascinating. It is this remarkable aspect of the brain and how it shapes the way our individuality and personality develop, that Thom weaves into his therapeutic style!

So, if you're looking to resolve emotional, mental or psychological conditions, then hypnotherapy will very likely get you there. "It does what it says on the tin!" The fascinating way that hypnosis works truly is remarkable, it not only allows but actually motivates us at levels below conscious awareness to change. As an example, I have eradicated a fear of flying, without even the mention of flying, aeroplanes, take-offs, landings, turbulence etc. And there are both interesting, practical and scientific reasons behind this! If you want to know how I did it and if I could do it for you, why not make an appointment for a Free Consultation?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist with 20 years and over 20,400 hours experience, it's fair to say you are in safe hands! Thom's delivery of hypnotherapy (his technique) is the precursor of change at deeper levels of the brain. Levels that make life work better, better for you and better for those around you! With a Free Consultation and an introductory hypnosis experience, you have absolutely nothing to lose; except, of course, your "problem!"

The Mission
Is to help you reach a predetermined set of objectives; the natural consequence of clarity of mind and purpose! It is also the pursuit of real understanding and appreciation of the needs and wants of each individual client. This is then set in motion by a course of subconsciously driven actions, which take you on the journey towards reaching those goals.

To that end, I promise you the total commitment of my time, experience and my full care and concern for your welfare whilst we work together and beyond. The basic tenets of my therapy and life are:

In addition to all that I promise you, I promise myself the time to enjoy my family, my work and my life. If I cannot deliver the pursuit of success, happiness and true love for myself, then I am unqualified to do the same for you!

Few of us are born with perfect circumstances, therefore it is our duty to pursue those attributes that define, true success and happiness in life. Looking back from where we started, to where we end up, we can truly understand the growth and fulfilment of our ambitions, achievements and successes. Ultimately leading us in the pursuit of a higher calling in our spiritual progression!