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A small world

Therapy at Your Finger Tips, Life at Your Leisure!

We truly live in a age of unprecedented wonder, and technology brings all manner of things right to our doorstep. It's almost as if we could live a life without ever leaving our home; not that I would recommend it personally!

However, think of people suffering from agoraphobia, for whom access to therapy, or anything else come to that, is but a dream or worse; a nightmare!

 What about busy people, for whom finding the time to travel to a therapist' office presents a major challenge to their already hectic schedule?

Not forgetting people whom suffer extreme anxiety or people who live in remote places; the list could go on and on! But that is literally a thing of the past; providing you have access to the internet, somewhere comfortable and private, even better if you have headphones. Because with Skype I have helped people from many countries with my Hypnotherapy services.

 And it gets even better because I offer 10% discount to my usual rates. In addition to that, I am now making a professional tailored recording based on the Hypnotic part of the session, which means any personal data remains in strict confidence. The recording acts as a resource for frequent and easy hypnotic feedback because repetition truly is the mother of all skills. When you do something over and over you get better at it. So it makes perfect sense that listening to positive empowering message being delivered straight into your subconscious mind; will bring about the change you seek!

 As with all my therapy services, the initial consultation is FREE (so you can now book your free consultation here with confidence), this can be done by Skype (or similar) or by telephone (VOIP) +65 9186 3575. Or you can make any initial inquiry via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All you need to have therapy by Skype:

1. You need access to the internet

2. A Skype account, if you don't have one get a Free Skype account here

3. Somewhere private where you will not be disturbed

4. Ideally a comfortable chair, bed or lounger

5. Preferably ear or headphones (this also helps with external sources of noise)

6. A credit card, PayPal account or any online payment system - if you need a PayPal account get one here

7. An open mind towards Hypnosis but I can answer any questions or concerns you have

See You online!



You can book your Free Consultation here

     Call +65 9186 3575 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.