Why hypnosis sometimes doesn’t work?

wondering if it will work

If Hypnosis works for some; why didn't it work for you?

Through experience, I have found that there are very few reasons for hypnosis not to work. That said, there are some, examples are:

a) Hidden emotional trauma, sometimes this is repressed and unknown to us consciously. Other times we consciously suppress this trauma or even may fail to mention it through poor memory

b) Sometimes we can deliberately conceal something because of shame or guilt; we fear being judged by others! 

c) The use of mind-altering drugs

d) Being physically unwell, for example, a cold or flu

e) Suffering stress, extreme anxiety or depression; all of which can affect brain functionality

f) Wanting to quit for someone else, e.g. a loved one

g) Being coerced or emotionally blackmailed into quitting

In fact, there are many reasons that could affect the efficacy of the hypnotic process, that's why I provide a Free Consultation; its purpose, to see if there are any known or unknown impediments that could potentially thwart success, 

Essentially the effectiveness of any therapy lays in the depth and quality of the therapeutic relationship; like all relationships, trust is essential. In order to be effective it is usually preferable to have this trust in the therapist; and also in yourself, as this will greatly enhance your chances of success.

That said, creating confidence and self-belief are an integral part of my hypnotherapy practice here in Singapore. Confidence and self-esteem are essential components of effective living, so I am not satisfied with just removing the desire or need to smoke, I also want to help you to enjoy life!   

Lastly, In the case of any of the above, I recommend treating the underlying issues first, then proceed with the smoking therapy. Although in some cases, merely the treatment of the underlying issues can lead to quitting. Think of the need to have a crutch with a broken leg, once the leg heals you no longer need the crutches!