Will Hypnosis Work

and the question is

More importantly, can it work for me?

The realm of human health is at best uncertain, albeit certainty is achievable. Very fit people can become ill and very unfit people can have a life relatively free of serious illness. As such nothing can be guaranteed. Even the most effective treatments or medications do not work for everyone and no Doctor will offer a guarantee of success for any given treatment. They will give you statistical odds of probability, empirically, medically or scientifically based. Nevertheless, still just odds of probability, not a guarantee of success.

If you were told there is a 90% chance of success, based on previous cases, you’d be a lot happier in saying yes than if the odds were only 30%. Even if they were 90% you would not know in which category you will fall, 90% or 10%! In that same vein, I have established a high success rate with previous clients in quitting smoking. However, seeing and understanding how you respond to hypnosis, I will better be able to assess your chances of success following the free consultation and hypnotic session. The efficacy of hypnosis is very often evident from the first response to hypnotic induction. Like anything in life, the more positively you respond to hypnosis, the better your chance of success!  If it works for others; why not for you? 

What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is merely a name given to natural human phenomena we call trance, albeit the hypnotic trance is different from the everyday trance experience, e.g. daydreaming etc. Trance states are evident in many cultures and parts of the world and they have actually been around for a millennia or more. Trance is the very essence of life itself, it encompasses your ability to heal holistically, be it physical healing, say from a cut, an open wound e.g. from a cut or an operation or maybe emotional healing. The physical healing, say of a wound, is enhanced to the degree that stress is both normal and appropriate, i.e. the body and mind heal better when they are in specific states of either allostasis or homeostasis. Emotional healing is very often a double whammy because it reduces stress, which actually promotes physical healing by enhancing immune function as well as creating positive brain activity! Hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy create specific mindful states from within the mind and body work harmoniously and synchronously towards a common goal of harmonious inner peace and balance!

The empowering effects of hypnosis in my smoking cessation programme work directly within the psychology and physiology of neural transmission and conscious awareness, we literally begin to think ourselves into physical and emotional wellbeing. We leave behind the dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs and become more realistically aligned with the world of knowledge and true facts behind the dangers of smoking; not only to ourselves but to those we love and care for too! 

So to answer the question posed, will it work? The most probable answer is; yes!