Build a Designer Life

Building a worthwhile life

Have You ever dreamt of being everything You could ever be?

When we hear the word designer we may immediately think of Louis Vuitton or Gucci and as good and inspiring their products are; nothing could be further from what I mean by that title, "Build The Designer Life".

Before building anything though, it requires a survey of the fundamentals, if you're building on sand, you'll need much stronger foundations than if you were building on a rock! Let me ask you, how solid are your foundations? In fact, touching base with reality, to begin building anything worthwhile it takes time and nothing could be more worthwhile than to build the life you want. Most people have dreams of things they’d like to have, do or be but if all they ever are, are dreams; you may never really get to experience the joy of ownership, completion and success.

The real secret to mind mastery lays deep within yourself and over the last several years I have developed a programme that will, without doubt, help you to become:

  • The Master of your own Mind,
  • The Creator of your own Dreams
  • The Driver of your own Destiny
  • The only person you could ever be

From thereon in, you start the journey of a lifetime and begin to develop your own unique personality. Of course, we've all heard the age old cliche, "you are unique, just like everyone else" but that is not the uniqueness I am referring to. What I mean is, finding who you are, maybe even working out why you are here? Mark Twain said, 'the best two days of your life, are the day you were born and the day you find out why?" Profound words indeed but, ironically, so true. You see, most of us are moulded by society, our parents, peers, celebrities, idols etc, so much so, that we mimic or impersonate them. We dress like them, why do you think Omega get George Clooney to advertise their watches; I mean, what guy wouldn't want to be George Clooney? What about Liz Hurley, Kim Kardashian, Roger Federer. We all want to be associated, one way or another with our Idols, right?

Essentially we are trying to find our identity, our true self, our true purpose! But, we will never find who we are by imitating who we are not; will we? Of course, you can find your true self and once you do, if you buy the Omega watch, it will be based on sound deductive reasoning. Omega indeed makes fine watches and will last a lifetime. It's just that they are in a very competitive market with lots of other fine watchmakers; George just gives them the illusion of an edge. In reality, George Clooney adds nothing to the factual truth of Omega's quality and efficiency, he just adds psychological advantage and that's all they need. And because of our inherent weakness, "who am I" we unwittingly seek our alter ego by aligning our-self with those we most believe we want to be like; all the while knowing it may only be a fantasy!

When you find your own uniqueness or gift, everything that is of real value is found from within. Once you find fulfilment from within, that from the without no longer seems as important. That doesn't mean you won't want or desire nice things, it just means they are no longer essential for the purpose of creating self-esteem or self-worth. You just buy them because they are nice things to own!

In my practice I strive to help clients find themselves; after all, it's the only person you can ever truly be?

To find out how to find "YOU" why not make an appointment for a Free, no obligation, Consultation? After all, you've got nothing to lose; except who you are not!


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