Hypnotherapy helps people with alcohol and drug-related problems

The lure of the highland brew

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Are Alcohol or Drugs ruining Your life?

Alcohol and drugs alter the way our brain functions, it creates feelings that are pleasurable, it can relieve the apparent tragedy or mundaneness in our lives too. All of a sudden, life has a sense of joy, fun and our inhibitions are lifted. We no longer care what others think or say but . . . sadly, it cannot last and we come crashing back to reality! Truth be known the brain cannot sustain this level of euphoria but it likes it. What may merely start out as an experiment or a dare, "OK I'll give it a shot," can soon become a habit and . . . maybe later an addiction! Hypnotherapy also alters the way our brain functions by allowing memories to express themselves differently. This is also in line with the way our brain naturally works in creating, changing and updating memory, processes called memory consolidation and reconsolidation.

Unfortunately, alcohol and or drugs are an integral part of everyday life for many people, and drug use among adults remains high. Which is very troubling because they do have the knowledge and ability to kick the habit but many do not! Naturally, the addictive nature of these substances is part of the problem but for many that habit can be beaten; you can get your life back. There is also an ever-increasing consumption of recreational drugs, especially alcohol, amongst younger people. Many of whom seem to feel immune to the addictive nature of drugs; despite all the information to the contrary.

Many drugs, some legal and some not, alter the function of the mind and are known as, mind-altering drugs. Of course, they all have the potential to affect brain function, regardless of how much is used. Some mind-altering drugs affect brain function only if a large amount is used or if it is overused. Some affect the brain in such a way that creates a want or need to reuse the drug again and again (craving). Others are less pervasive in nature but still not a good thing to do or habit to have. The problems created by the use of mind-altering drugs are given many different terms, for example, drug abuse, drug dependence, and drug addiction. Doctors and other experts often disagree about the exact meaning of these terms. But one thing they will likely agree on, is, that drugs or alcohol can really screw up your life and badly affect the lives of those who you love! Of course, if you are such a person, you already know this, so this information is of more use to a loved one of a drug user.

Essentially there appears to be something different about the brain, psyche or perspective of a drug user. It is, this, 'something' that the drug is taken to satisfy. For example, it can make you feel like a supercharged version of yourself (or who you wish you were). It can help to dampen the pain, anguish and despair that one feels in their life! Drugs can excite or inhibit the brain's neurochemistry and in so doing, they change our feeling of the world.

In that sense, the brain is a pharmacy but sadly, we are not pharmacist's. However, the very best drugs, the ones that will make you have the life you want, feel confident, happy and fulfilled are already in your brain! But how can you use them to create that life? Hypnotherapy is the answer. It is, without doubt, the most effective tool for mind management and mental engineering. It tickles our imagination which is the most powerful stimulator of extreme mental creativity and it's virtually free and available to use! I say virtually because there is a cost to have access to this vast neural resource. That is simply because the source of this chemical wizardry is found in the food we eat. The brain derives its ability to produce everything we need to sustain life from what we eat and drink. Garbage in; garbage out!


How Can Hypnosis Help? Well, it can help set you free by effective mind management, less stress and anxiety and effective emotional management!

I always recommend the additional support of a recognised addiction programme; such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Click Here or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) Click Here.

Also, Hypnosis can help in the process of forgiveness and self-love; the lack thereof often being associated with addictive behaviours.