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An informal meeting provides an ideal moment to discover real understanding, no strings attached; that's a promise!


Making the decision to reach out for help to deal with psychological, mental or emotional issues can be a challenging prospect. And while the stigma attached to mental health issues is getting better, it may still be an inhibiting factor for those seeking help! So, when I set up my practice, back in 2000, I decided to provide a free consultation. This gives the prospective client an opportunity to explore their options, free of any financial commitment or obligation. The primary purpose of the free consultation is an introduction to both myself and my hypnotherapy services. We will have an informal and relaxed chat about the area of life that's causing you concern, i.e. why you want therapy! And as well as explaining what hypnosis is, I provide an experiential demonstration of hypnosis, with your permission of course. While this is an integral part of the consultation, it is not compulsory, the choice is yours to make! That said, hypnosis is an experience directly personal to each client and how they experience it allows them to better evaluate the process. The demonstration is a light trance, what I refer to as an entry-level trance. It is quite easy to achieve but should you feel anxious at all, I will guide you through that. In almost every case, it is a relaxing and calming experience. However, your needs and wishes are my priority; so you are in control of the process, I'm just there to guide you!

With regard to the "presenting issue,” it may be useful to determine what constitutes a problem? In simple terms one could look at it, as an event, feeling or recurring problem that interferes with one’s daily life. Or, generally speaking, life is alright but when faced with a specific set of circumstances, the wheels fall off the trolly! For example, ordinarily, you are alright, except when booking or going on a flight, you then become overwhelmed with anxiety. Or a situational fear, e.g. going to work, out for lunch, going in an elevator etc. In fact, anything that makes or persuades you to take alternative or evasive action may be considered a call for help!

During your consultation, I explain how hypnotherapy works in general but more specifically; I will demonstrate how it works for you. In addition to that, I will happily answer any questions you have about the way hypnotherapy will specifically be able to help you.

In taking up this offer you will not be under any obligation whatsoever. And it is important to note that while virtually anyone can be hypnotised, hypnotherapy isn't for everyone!. This is when You can decide if You Will Benefit from the various therapies I offer. Also, what will be the most suitable way forward; for you?

To explain hypnosis more fully. We all go in and out of trance-like states every day of our life but these trance-like states are not specifically what we call states of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a specific state that occurs when our brain is in the same brainwave states (neural oscillations) during sleep. That said, the brain can affect change at many levels, all the way up to consciousness. The hypnotic state just allows this to happen more quickly and more naturally. So, experientially, it is a different state from our everyday trance states! Although the difference, that makes the difference, is that the daily trance states we experience, e.g. daydreaming, are experienced naturally and involuntarily. However, in the hypnotist's chair, you voluntarily enter this deeper trance state. And because you are consciously aware of that, it may feel slightly unnatural but it really isn't. Any preconceptions, scepticism, anxiety or doubt, may interfere with your ability to enter this state in a natural way. But I've been doing this for over 20 years now and I help every client to get to that place! The vast majority of past clients said, that, once they experience hypnosis, they feel more relaxed and better informed of what hypnosis is. It's natural!

So, rest assured because you have absolutely NOTHING to lose; except your Problem!

While many Hypnotherapists offer a free consultation, often they are quite short, e.g. 20 to 30 minutes. My consultation is a minimum of 1 hour. I firmly believe in the need to establish a good understanding of your issue before starting therapy. The choice of therapist is an important one and I want you to be absolutely sure you are making the right choice. There is no hard or soft sell. In fact, if you have any doubt, I would recommend seeking alternative choices. That said, sometimes just talking a problem through can help and that, in and of itself, is a good reason to take up my offer!

Beyond the consultation, should you choose to proceed to therapy, your only commitment is to the first session. At the end of that, you can choose to go no further or choose to continue. In the latter case, you can pay on a session by session basis or, if you feel it is right for you, take one of my packages. The choice is Yours!

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