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Solutions You Need - Because a problem only exists, in the absence of the solution 

Hypnotherapy, the solution to every problem!

While a solution is necessary to resolve any issue, it is the willingness to adopt and or embrace a solution, that ultimately sets us free. That said there is a vast difference between knowing the solution, and embracing it! The main reason being, that most problems or issues are subconsciously driven. The difference between what we want to achieve consciously and what we actually achieve subconsciously is a dichotomy that plagues many people. 

Explaining that simplistically is not an easy task but, perhaps, could be said to be the result of the subjective nature of our two minds! The subconscious mind deals with many things but one of its most important duties is survival. The conscious on the other hand is more concerned with the quality of life (or perhaps its absence). A problem, therefore, can be explained as the subconscious desire to survive and the omnipresent, conscious, desire to thrive! The result is an emotional state of conflict and emotional limbo.

Therapy is a process born out of the client’s needs. This is foremost on my mind when I meet a client or answer any questions they may have prior to making an appointment... And please feel free to ask as many as you like! 

The solution to any problem is, first and foremost, in the subconscious mind. The difficulty is in translating that subconscious, emotional need into a workable and executable form of cognitive language that will not conflict with the subjective subconscious need. Very often a past experience is at the root of an emotional problem but the longevity of the issue is in how our memories of that event express themselves. A major component of my therapy is in reframing those memories; change the expression, change the experience!

The value of Therapy, or the Therapist for that matter, cannot easily be judged from the outside. What the therapist charges may have no direct correlation to how effective, or ineffective, they are, and there is a very practical reason for that! Therapy is a subjective experience and each Client experiences it in their own way. And of course, the Therapist will also have their own particular style and methodology which may influence the Client experience.

Also, where they practice makes no specific difference either. Whether they work from home, an office or a medical centre makes no appreciable difference; other than the fees charged, of course! The essence of choosing the right therapist is about their qualification's, experience and how comfortable you feel in their presence and how much confidence they transfer to you and how confident you feel in their ability to assist you!

I understand this and that is why I work the way I do. I offer a free consultation, and this seems to differ widely from other Therapists I know of here in Singapore! It differs in that I publish my fees openly on my website (view book an appointment online). And if the client asks about my fees I will openly discuss them. So, that being the case, I have no need to discuss fees during the Consultation! Or at least not until it is required by the Client. That means the Consultation..... is literally; all about YOU!

To that end, I have made my Therapy as transparent as possible, and the same applies to my charges. I state my fees, style and methods as clearly as I can on this site. And I will be happy to go into any additional and relevant detail as required by the Client 

Sometimes the decision to seek therapy can be a difficult one for the Client to make. Especially if they already have anxiety or some regarding their issue. And seeing a Therapist can actually have its own additional anxiety.

Because the Consultation is about you, we can discuss your Issue, how it is affecting you and how you feel that I can be part of the solution, and I am a solution-oriented person; and Therapy is mostly a solution-focused modality.

I initially came to Therapy as Client and have therefore done my own Therapy! That can be an important factor as there can be complications if there are similarities in presenting issues or perceptions. This is often referred to as Transference and or Countertransference. Having had some similar life experiences to that of many Clients also helps with empathy and compassion.

This experience allows me to be impartial and nonjudgmental. Clients often have enough problems being judged by themselves and others. So the last thing they need is to feel judged by their Therapist!

I guarantee that will not happen in my Therapy. During my own Therapeutic journey, I worked with Therapist’s who did and did not judge; so I am aware of what it can feel like to be judged!

The way I work is consensual throughout and I believe this is the right way to work. You see I want the Client to make the right choice, for them! And I feel the best way they can do that is by meeting a Therapist and having a good and open discussion about their concerns. Then at the end of the Consultation, the Client is free to make some real choices; because there is no obligation to do anything other than say thank you; I will or will not continue to the next stage!

If the client chooses not to go any further, that is a good choice. Because there should not be any unnecessary doubt about the decision to enter Therapy! I say unnecessary doubt, because it may be difficult for some Clients to not have some doubt.

If they choose to go to the next stage, then an appointment is made for the first session. At the end of the first session, they can make the choice to move forward, or not, to a series of sessions. It is quite usual to have a number of sessions to effect a lasting solution.

Making the choice to continue has two options: 1) to proceed on a session by session basis (with the next session paid in advance), or 2) to book (and pay for) a set of 4 sessions and receive a 5th session free of charge.* This equals a 20% discount and therefore lightens the financial burden. It also helps the Client make a necessary commitment towards their own future!

Why 4 (5) sessions when most other Therapists seem to be recommending 6, 8 or 10?

Well, that’s because I find 5 sessions to be about the right amount for most Clients I have worked with. However, some Clients need more and others less.  If Therapy is successfully concluded ahead of schedule, you can use the remaining sessions to move life to the next level. Hypnotherapy, making a bad life good and a good one, great! So, you really have nothing to lose..... except your problem

Sometimes Clients have multiple issues and in this circumstance, I recommend working on these one at a time. However, I discuss with the Client which they feel most appropriate to start with. Although, as a general rule, I usually suggest dealing with stress or anxiety-related issues first. For the most part, this will help to get the Client into a better place; physically and emotionally. And sometimes some of the other peripheral issues can dissipate or even disappear when stress or anxiety is greatly lessened.

It also has the effect of making life seem less of a struggle; which is never a bad thing!

So, I hope this has helped you understand more about how I work and why My Therapy; is All About YOU?

* Therapy quoted refers to Trans4mational Therapy. To see my full range of Therapy's Read More


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