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stress management, it’s easier with hypnotherapy.

Stress management is both necessary and possible! 

Hello, this is Thom Bush over at the Trans4mational Therapy Centre in Singapore. As a fully trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I specialise in the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression and I have helped thousands of clients live life in a more calm and relaxed way. It should be no surprise, as to the significance of that statement, because relaxation is the counter emotion of the stress response. Managing stress is an essential element of living a better life! That said, it does surprise many clients. In essence, we should think more in terms of managing relaxation, than stress, because relaxation is the state we want to be more prevalent. However, understanding the many ways in which the brain and mind maladapt to non-threatening and/or unrealistic environmental stressors is an important factor in resolving the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Before you propose a solution, you have to understand the problem!

Some therapists work in specific ways, my approach is flexible and focuses on your needs, not my idea of your needs. Some issues have their roots in the past and a client may feel the need or want to address that. Others, have been there and didn't like it. So, I tailor your therapy, based on your needs. That said, it can be useful to understand how this condition develops in the brain and while the roots of it may be in the past, we don't have to go there to resolve the issue and the solution occurs out of my unique approach in understanding how the brain-mind develop stress and anxiety as a protective guardian!

Chronic stress is one of the most pervasive conditions of modern life, it affects your relationships, work life, social life and, it doesn't feel good either. If you have a lot of stress and are wondering how to deal with it, then please read on!

If you have stress, go to the expert!

I specialise in treating anxiety, stress and depression and my goal is to reach out to the many thousands of people who are needlessly suffering from too much negative (chronic) stress because living a life without the burden of unnecessary and unwarranted stress is a necessity for happiness.

So, if you or someone you love is suffering from too much anxiety, stress or depression, why not make an appointment for free 1-hour consultation, no strings attached. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except your stress! 

How to help someone with depression

Looking for help in overcoming depression in Singapore?

Then hypnotherapy could just be the answer?

Life is mostly a consequence of experience and ultimately, it is judged by how it feels. For those with depression, it not only feels bad, but there is often no prospect of hope in the visible future either? Without hope, life seems to lose its appeal but take heart, for there is hope! Having worked in Singapore, as a specialist in helping people who have depression, for over 12 years now, I brought with me all the training and experience I learned in the UK. Before coming here, I attained a specialist Certificate in Anxiety Management at the prestigious UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts, run by Shaun Brookehouse and Fiona Biddle (legends in the field). That is important because anyone who has depression will also have a lot of anxiety and stress in their life, they go together like coffee and cream!

There is no one solution to depression, some work on the future, thus avoiding the past and others work solely on the past. I have found that one's past is intrinsically linked to their future and if the past, is in any way complicit in the creation of the depression, then it will more likely have a part to play in the creation of the solution. As a former sufferer of depression, I have had the experience and know what it feels like at your end! So, the combination of being in both seats gives me a unique perspective and that experience makes me your obvious choice! And to make that choice even easier, I provide a free 1-hour consultation, where you get to meet me, discuss your issue and try hypnosis.

Overcoming depression can be very challenging and you may have tried many times to do so. But . . . have you tried using hypnotherapy or psychotherapy? As a treatment method, a combination of both (Hypno-psychotherapeutic intervention), is often very effective in the delivery of positive results, which can often occur quite quickly too (as in, a few weeks). However, that does rather depend on a few things, for example, the duration, severity and type of depression you have. That is why I provide a Free Consultation, during which we can discuss your particular case, its history, development and then, with your consent, you can experience hypnosis. From there, you will likely have a better feel for whether hypnotherapy is right for you?

Thom Bush, is a UK trained clinical Hypno-psychotherapist as well as being a US (National Guild of Hypnotists), certified hypnotist. He is also a specialist in treating depression, anxiety and stress be it in Singapore or anywhere else come to that!

Managing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Tailored hypnotherapy for anxiety in Singapore

The quality of life is determined by how it feels and if you are experiencing a lot of anxiety, life probably doesn't feel too good right now? Having worked in Singapore, as an anxiety specialist for over 12 years now, I brought with me all the training and experience I learned in the UK. Before coming here, I attained a specialist Certificate in Anxiety Management at the prestigious UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts, run by Shaun Brookehouse and Fiona Biddle (legends in the field). However, as a former sufferer of debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, I also have an idea of what it feels like at your end! So, the combination of both empirical and practical experience makes me your obvious choice! And to make that choice even easier, I provide a free 1-hour consultation, where you get to meet me, discuss your issue and try hypnosis.

Anxiety comes in many forms, GAD (generalised anxiety), panic attacks, social anxiety, separation anxiety etc. and they can make life hell; so what can you do? Fortunately, anxiety disorders respond well to treatment and very often without the need for medication. Although sometimes the combination of both psychotherapy, hypnotherapy etc. and medication is very effective. That is important for people on medication because many anxiety medications cannot just be stopped, so that means you can add a talk therapy, e.g. psychotherapy or hypnotherapy at any time without concern. And that is useful to know because Doctors are not usually keen to commence tapering your treatment until they see an improvement in your condition.

So, take heart, no matter where you are on your anxiety journey, help is available and psychotherapy and/or hypnotherapy can offer you some excellent prospects for a return to normal life!

Thom Bush, Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been in private practice now for 19 years,12 in Singapore, and during that time, he has helped thousands of clients live better lives. He specialises is in treating life-limiting conditions, such as, anxiety, stress and depression and does so because living a life without the burden of unnecessary and unwarranted anxiety, stress or depression is a necessity for happiness.

These conditions make it difficult to live life normally, they make it troublesome and problematic. Thom helps you understand the causes and development of your anxiety and then provides you with practical and scientific solutions. He also has an exceptional record of helping clients get back to a normal life. So, if you or someone you love is suffering from too much anxiety, stress or depression, why not call Thom today? +65 9186 3575 or make an appointment for a free 1-hour consultation, no strings attached. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except your problem!

To see if you are suffering from an anxiety issue, it's time to ask yourself some very important questions, is anxiety:

Affecting the quality of your life?

Preventing you from making friends?

Damaging your relationships?

Limiting or stalling career progression?

Preventing you from eating in public?

Trapping you in your own home?

Making it hard to trust others? 

If you answered yes to any or all questions, then it's time to take action; don't let Anxiety take the life you deserve and want!

It is important to know that anxiety is not always the bad guy

In fact, some of it is actually a good thing, it helps us to instinctively evaluate situations that may prove to be harmful or dangerous. But when anxiety is excessive or rampant it begins to affect the way we live our lives, probably making it harder to feel the joys of life. Chronic anxiety is a disorder of the brain and mental processes it assiduously and progressively begins to limit the quality and effectiveness of our life; instead of being protective, it becomes destructive! It prevents us from doing things that may be beneficial to us or just makes living and enjoying life difficult; if not seemingly impossible! For example, social anxiety may prevent us from meeting new friends, or the partner of our dreams. It can impair our career advancement, it can make us lonely and often sad people! General anxiety makes us fearful of most situations; even when we logically know it is not rational to feel this way. Panic disorder can literally make us feel like we are having a heart attack; that's aside from the overwhelming feeling of doom that abounds.

But it really doesn't have to be this way because we can easily discover new effective ways to understand our anxiety and then conquer it. Through cognitive restructuring we begin to self-determine our emotional states, life then becomes more meaningful. But what do I mean, determine our emotional states? The brain has several structures or regions involved in the fear or defensive mechanisms, these essentially aim to keep us safe and do so without our conscious intervention, they essentially dictate how we experience life. Amongst these brain regions are two small structures (one in each hemisphere) called the amygdala, when you experience anxiety or fear, you can guarantee the amygdalae are hard at work. However, contrary to popular belief, e.g. "I am the way I am", we can actually learn to react differently to anxiety, we can learn its signals, become aware of our thought processes and eventually take alternative steps, create better outcomes and live a better life; we really can!

How you may ask? Well, there are many ways and mine, I believe, is one of the better ones. The essence of it is the way in which it observes, understands and re-consolidates the way emotional memories express themselves. And, having been a former sufferer of debilitating anxiety I have developed a method that is easy to understand and implement. Now I am not specifically saying it is always easy to do, but it can be, what I am saying, is, that if you follow the programme, do the exercises (not physical, although I would recommend some form of physical activity) it will bring results; without a doubt. Added to this, is the work we will do in hypnosis. Hypnosis will allow you to make progress at the subconscious level; the place where your negative and anxiety-provoking thoughts come from! So why not give it a try?

To learn more about my Anxiety Freedom Programme, you can call or email me (see below). Alternatively, you can make an appointment online for a free Consultation and discuss the matter in more depth. The Consultation is completely free and without obligation and you are free to choose what to do at the end of it!

Learn to be Free of unwanted Anxiety today!

More about the treatment of Anxiety:

Is there a cure?

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

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Low Self Confidence? Try Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy, really creative ways to build confidence

Do you suffer from low self-confidence? Would you like to be confident again, to feel good about who you are, what you can do and really begin to enjoy life? Then hypnotherapy will help you to become just that; confident! Over at the Trans4mational Therapy Centre, Singapore's top-rated clinic, Thom Bush has been helping clients overcome shyness, introversion and low self-esteem (the underpinnings of low confidence) for many years. and has been in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist for almost 20 years now, so you are in really good and experienced hands. And to make your choice really easy, he even provides clients with a free 1-hour consultation, so you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The building blocks of confidence are an integral part of each of us because deep down there is a pool of resources, resources, that, given a different experience of life, a different set of circumstances, different opportunities, we could have flourished. Well, right now you are at the crossroads of discovering those very resources through hypnotherapy because all that you can become is within you and all you need to do is to allow Thom Bush, to you bring out your inner self. A self that has all that it takes to be calm and confident. Hypnosis is all that it takes to become the very best version of yourself. You see, we each have unique features but the lack of confidence just won't allow them to shine through; hypnosis makes it happen; you really can become a more confident person!  

Therapeutic options and Practice Information

Life should really be a joy but in today's modern world, when every day we are bombarded with bad news, airline crashes, wars, natural disasters, human tragedy etc. it is sometimes all to easy to take your eye off the real purpose of your life! Hypnotherapy seeks to help you be mindful of the importance of world affairs, the need for compassion, love and caring. Yet, at the same time stay focused on what is important to you, your family, society, country; in essence, to become a citizen of the world you live in. We can no longer be innocent bystanders in our global community; we all have a duty to play our part. Hypnotherapy helps you do JUST THAT. And that, ability comes from experience! My experience in life and as a therapist, has been in dealing with and helping people who have extreme emotional difficulty; be it stress, anxiety or depression. Over the years I have also gained experience in many other areas of human emotional conflict. Below are are some links that you may find useful in understanding and preparing for therapy, as well as some of the conditions I have helped clients with over the years

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