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Therapy, the art of choice

Effective Treatments for conditions like anxiety and stress disorders, as well as conditions like major depressive disorders, are available in Singapore, face to face or online; Worldwide; the choice is yours!

If you are experiencing challenges in your experience of life, you could have an emotional, mental or psychological condition that is the cause of this? If so, then therapeutic interventions could be your lifeline to a return to normal living.

Having considered the possibility of therapy to resolve your issue, the next challenge may be, is choosing the type of therapy, then a therapist, who to choose! But what are your options? First, let's look at the types of therapy to choose from because the list is very long but among the most popular are what are known as 'talking therapies.' The more well known of those are:

Psychotherapy    Counselling
CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)     CAT (cognitive analytical therapy)
REBT (rational emotive behaviour therapy)   psychoanalysis
Psycho-Dynamic therapy.    Hypno-Psychotherapy

Quite a mix and while there are some similarities between them, there are equally many dissimilarities. Also, it is not always easy to establish the benefits of one method over another in the selection of which type to choose. Next is the choice of a therapist and, no matter what type of therapy you have chosen, it is rarely, if ever, the case that each therapist will practice their chosen discipline in exactly the same way. So, all counsellors, psychotherapists etc. will have their own style, their own spin on the way they practice. It is for that very reason that I provide a full 1-hour Free Consultation. This provides you with an opportunity to explore your options and from there you can make an informed decision. This is important because you must feel both confident and comfortable with the therapist you choose, after all, this is very rarely a one session experience. Therefore, therapy, relative to the condition being treated, requires a commitment of both time and money! And that leads to the next consideration, cost!

From a financial perspective, which is a legitimate consideration, the vast majority of these therapies take many months, sometimes years, to bring about a lasting change or cure! This is another good reason to try my Free Consultation! Essentially this means you have a variety of potential options from which to choose. Also, up to this point, all it will cost you is a little of your time and none of your money! You may wonder why I work this way, so I will explain. In the UK, where I come from, therapy is viewed more as a vocation than a profession and that takes away none of its authenticity or integrity. It also means that the cost is a secondary, not primary, consideration to me. How I demonstrate this, is by the length of my sessions, which are at least 50% longer than most other therapists (90 minutes+)! To that end, my objective for the client is to afford them the most effective method of therapeutic healing. The good news for the client is that their life may resume a more normal path, in less time, for less money, and that is a welcome combination.

To fully explain how I achieve this outcome for you is better experienced through the Free Consultation, but I will give you a brief outline. Having studied the basic tenets of several types of the above therapies, I discovered that there was only one constant among them; the human brain! I also discovered that most of what makes us tick, or not, is the ways our brain encodes information and experience as our life develops. So, from a certain perspective, life is a consequence of life experience, our unique circumstances and a little genetics! Genetics play a role in the way DNA functions and mostly, but not always, genetic factors are involved in more serious mental and psychological disorders. It is the anomalies within our genetic code and how that interplays with epigenetics, that begins to shape our character and personality. Therefore, life is a mix of genetics, epigenetics and experience, all of which begin to slowly change the development of epigenetically induced change.

Epigenetics is a field of scientific study that looks at how our heredity and experience changes gene expression. This type of change does not change the underlying DNA sequence, but rather, it determines our phenotype without a change in genotype. Ultimately this affects how cells read the genes. This is how we learn to adapt to the changing dynamics we are faced during life. However, all too often the epigenetic development that we experience as children begin to take a prominent role in how we deal with life from a stress-related (fight or flight) perspective! Therapy is the most efficient method of making the changes to the way our brain evaluates and adapts to our current perspective (child or adult) of life and living!

It is for this reason that I named my style of methodology, Trans4mational Therapy; basically, because, it can Transform your Life! It works harmoniously in similar ways that the brain does, i.e. in terms of memory consolidation and reconsolidation. I go into the specific details of this during the Free Consultation and, in the end, you can say, no thank you or Yes Please; the choice is yours!

So, if you would like to know more, please take a look at my services here or, alternatively, you can book an appointment for a Free Consultation here

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