Managing your Stress with Hypnotherapy in Singapore - Stress, what is it?

Things aren't always what they seem

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The stress response (fight or flight) affects us all from time to time and its effects are many and varied. However, these are complicated matters, because there are different types of stress, for example, psychological stress and oxidative stress. Psychological stress can be experienced in the form of Eustress (positive stress) and Distress (negative stress).

Oxidative stressors are more environmental, e.g. too hot, cold, noisy, crowded, dusty etc. or through things that we eat. This type of stress creates free radicals, which attack and damage our cells. This is why we need antioxidants in our diet because oxidative stress is a major cause of unnecessary inflammation. However, even oxidative stress is both natural and good, in its own unique way. It's a natural part of cellular respiration and helps in response to foreign invaders in our body's cells e.g. viral or bacterial infection, even accidents or disease etc. It's the body's defensive marshalling system, sending the troops to the front line in an emergency.

Psychological stress can be experienced in the form of Eustress (positive stress) and Distress (negative stress). In a positive sense, we see things as opportunities, challenges, things that, although difficult, they are a part of our natural growth! In a negative sense, it is the outcome of overarching mental and emotional responses to the threat of danger, be it real or imagined. Too much of this leads to chronic (dis)stress the form of stress that blights the quality of our lives. However, if we have the added burden of a high ambient level of oxidative stress, well, need I say more? Truth be told, and this should be obvious but seemingly isn't. We will occasionally have moderate levels of both types of stress and all things being equal, we learn to adapt and cope. Adapting and coping are natural ways in which we learn and are integral to returning to our homeostatic state of balance. A stress disorder develops when our systems fail to adapt or cope, we become hyperaroused; not a good place to be!

Of course, the awareness of the effects and consequences of distress is nothing new. We've known about it for years now, yet very little is being done (big picture) to combat the ravaging effects of it. So, you may want to know, what you can do about it? Fortunately, there are things you can do but you may need to focus a little more on the ones that are unique to your particular circumstances? It's certainly not as simple as just using hypnosis or thinking of solutions about the future, However, they are, of course, important factors. First and foremost we need to address some of the fundamentals, it just makes everything you do a lot harder if you don't. So what are the fundamentals?
No. 1  on the list, is, we have to learn to breathe properly (more about that here),
No. 2  we have to keep well hydrated. most of our brain is made up of water (55-60%) and we dilute it at our peril!
No. 3, we must feed our brain the, carbs, fats, proteins and 9 amino acids that it cannot synthesise itself.
No. 4  is sleep, sleep helps restore the stresses of the day, rebuild the brain's pharmacy and make new and update old memories

These essential things can only come from what we eat! Of course, we will manage to survive if we don't do these things properly but surely we want more than mere survival? Of course, we do and to live a fulfilling life, we need to thrive and that's exactly how my stress management programme can help you!

Everything you need to know about managing your stress is included in my programme and that includes an advanced hypnotherapy technique. In fact, this is an integral part of what you will experience in my therapy This method is tried and tested and it is much more effective than just focusing on the roots of the problem or focusing on the future. For sure the past very likely played a part in creating the challenges you are facing and the future will play a part too. But life is a "now, in the moment experience" and that is an area I pay particular attention to. Life is a trilogy of the past, present and future and this means that learning to experience life as it is happening becomes imperative. The past merely guides us to where we need to go to understand the probable root causes and how it evolved over time. As we progress, becoming mindful of now, we begin to learn new ways of being, and then, to observe and experience life. This enhanced method of self-discovery and inner learning is what allows us to hone, polish and tap into the process of life. So, as we increase the awareness of life, as it is happening, from there a better future becomes the collateral effect of that process! Incidentally, when you have more awareness of 'Now' you actually have the potential to make better memories of this new experience! Ultimately, this means your memory recall of that past, will be an enhanced memory, simply because you were both at home and the lights were on!

Because there are many ways to help people in distress, you'll naturally want to know which is the best for you; won't you? Well, I can tell you from experience, as a client myself and as a therapist, that hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways and here's why!