Anxiety Disorders treatments and options

Anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD,

Do you have anxiety? Of course you do, we all do!

But is yours out of sync with the norm? While anxiety is a normal part of everyday life, it can go off the rails at times and when it happens too frequently, for longer and to a greater intensity than ever before, then it's time to get it checked out as you may now have an anxiety disorder. Some professional healthcare experts suggest that 10% of the general population, in Singapore, have an anxiety disorder, an alarming figure! However, I believe the true figure is much higher because, so many people who have it never seek treatment, a silent minority, perhaps, but still a very significant one.

Employment matters here appear to be a significant factor in a lot of the anxiety disorders that I treat in Singapore, e.g. workplace bullying, unfair dismissal (in comparison to UK and EU employment law), a general lack of employee protection, and abuse of powers, all these things play a role. For example, it is not unheard of for an employer to withhold payment when an employee leaves. Firms reduce remuneration at a certain age or significantly alter the terms of their employee's contract. All of these things can add significant stress and the uncertainty of it all can develop into an anxiety disorder.

Then there is relationship anxiety, many people are in dysfunctional or toxic relationships and while ending the relationship could be one option, it is not always that easy and often it is not a workable or practical one either. Some relationships are really not possible or practical to end. For example, how do you end a parental relationship or one with your children? Severing ties with a sibling seems to be the most common form of family break up but even that can have consequences at times. Or, you have a great friend, you've known them your whole life, you're inseparable, then one day someone enters their life and it's downhill from there, you just don't gel with the new man or woman in their life! 

Of course, there are other factors that also contribute to an anxiety issue, if a parent or a close family member has anxiety, it increases your risk factor. The way your brain encodes the experience of your early life can also be a factor. While brains are anatomically similar, the similarity ends there because it is, the unique way that each encodes experience and translates that into a neural code (brain language), that goes on to predict the way the brain/mind respond to sensory stimuli. To complicate things further, much of our sensory experience is coded into memories and a memory of one experience, with similar or specific attributes, can be conditioned to trigger a memory of another experience, sometimes with some relativeness and sometimes totally unrelated.

Much of our life experience, be it in childhood or later, goes on to predict our character or personality. If we have a plethora of negative experience, this can shatter our confidence, lower or destroy self-esteem or self-worth and onwards from that, our confidence tanks. In short, over a very short, or even a very long period, we can go from the top of the mountain into the deepest of trenches.

It's at times like these, that a good therapist can help you and I have been helping people with anxiety, and related issues, like stress, depression and confidence, for many years now. So, if you are suffering a seemingly unending amount of anxiety and, you want it to stop, then please contact me to make an appointment for a free consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss the issue and what you would like life to be like after the therapy. After that, we can look at the treatment options available and from there begin the journey of recovery and discovery. Recovery gets you back on track, discovery allows you to see your potential and how far you can go towards developing that.



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