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THis gets to the Nuts and Bolts of Anxiety:

Of course, these other factors can contribute to an anxiety issue. For example, from a genetic perspective, if a parent or a close ancestral family member has anxiety, it increases your risk factor. However, the way your brain encodes experience, especially during the early years of life, can contribute, epigenetically, and this can also occur throughout your lifetime. And while our brains are anatomically similar, the individual similarity ends there. This is a result of the unique way that we each, non-consciously, encodes experience and translates that into a neural code (brain language). To complicate matters further, much of our sensory experience is coded into memories. So the memory of one experience, with specific or similar attributes, can be conditioned to trigger the memory of another experience. This process is known as neural/classical conditioning, aka Hebbian plasticity! If you were to think about anxiety logically, it really doesn't make sense. Imagine you got stuck in a lift with 6 others, after that, you had an anxiety attack every time you were in one, it's got to be the lift? Well, if that were true, then the other 6 people would also have to have the same experience, wouldn't they? Well historically and evidentially we know that's not true! So, if 7 people get stuck in a lift but only 1 or 2 get affected; then it has to be their brain; not the lift! That's epigenetics, your brain adapting to its experience of the environment and the circumstances of your life!

Much of our life experience, be it in childhood or later on, goes on to predict aspects of our character and personality. While genetics do play a part, it's usually a small one. If we have a series of negative experiences, this can shatter confidence, lower self-esteem or self-worth and onwards from that, our life tanks. Life can change either very quickly or over a longer time-frame. Sometimes the change appears to be instant but it can also be a result of cumulative trauma. This is a series of seemingly insignificant events but over time the effect accumulates into one larger collective event. One day, the same thing you have endured for years suddenly becomes the straw that broke the camel's back! In essence, we can go from the top of the mountain into the deepest valleys and often in a relatively short period. One day we are fine, the next; we are not! Fortunately, hypnotherapy is there to help you in those dire moments of life and gradually (weeks not months) it gets you back on track!

It's at times like these, that you need a good therapist, someone that can help you to get back on the right path! At Trans4mational Therapy, I have helped thousands of people with anxiety, stress, depression and confidence, have a better experience of life. So, it is highly probable that I can help you too!

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